Table of Contents


Introduction to In Conversation by Sarah Paruolo

Introduction to ENG 1101 by Johannah Rodgers


PART I: Introduction to College Writing 

Part I, Units

  1. Understanding Rhetoric
    1. Audience
    2. Writer
    3. Purpose
  2.  Introduction to Writing as a Process
    1. Writing as a Process Flowchart
    2. Brainstorming
    3. Drafting
    4. Revision
      1. Structural Revision
      2. Line Editing
      3. Proofreading
  3. Elements of a College Essay
    1. Paragraphs
    2. Introductions
    3. Conclusions
    4. Words
    5. Sentences

Part I, Readings & Questions

  1. “Active Reading” Brogan Sullivan
  2. “Mother Tongue” Amy Tan
  3. “Superman and Me” Sherman Alexie
  4. “Learning to Read” Malcolm X
  5. “My Nigerian Culture” Abimbola Ogundipe  
  6. “The Way We Live Now: 11-11-01; Lost and Found” Colson Whitehead
  7. “Campus Racism 101” Nikki Giovanni
  8. “Five Stories” Lydia Davis

Part I, Sample Essay Assignments

  1.  Narrative Essay Assignment (Paruolo)
  2. Narrative Essay Assignment (Rodgers)

PART II: Building Arguments 

Part II, Units

  1.  Introduction to Summary Writing
  2. Writing With and About Texts
    a. Sentence Structures for Incorporating Sources
  3. Writing an Argumentative Essay
    1. Claim, Reasons, and Evidence 
    2. Thesis Statements
      1. Thesis Statement Worksheet (general)
      2. Thesis Statement Worksheet (agree/disagree)
    3. Logical Argumentation
      1. Errors in Logic
    4. Structure and Organization

Part II, Readings & Questions

  1. “I Have a Dream…” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  2. “Letter From a Birmingham Jail” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  3. “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Nicholas Carr
  4. “The Death of the Book” Ursula LeGuin
  5. “Black Men and Public Space” Brent Staples
  6. “Williamsburg Renaissance” Jessica Guerra
  7. “Silent Dancing” Judith Ortiz Cofer

Part II, Sample Essay Assignments

  1. Active Reading and Summary Essay Assignment (Rodgers)
  2. Summary and Response Essay Assignment (Paruolo)
  3. Summary and Response Essay Assignment (Gold)
  4. Summary and Response Essay Assignment (Devers)
  5. Summary and Response Letter Essay Assignment (Rodgers)

PART III: Research

Part III, Units

  1. Introduction to College Research
  2. Plagiarism and Ethical Citation 
    1. MLA Format
      1. MLA Guidelines
      2. Sample Works Cited Page
  3. Conducting Research
    1. Databases
    2. Keywords and Searching
    3. Assessing Sources
  4. Organizing Research
    1. Research Notes
  5. Annotated Bibliography
    1. Sample Annotated Bibliography
  6. Writing a Research Paper
    1. Developing a Research Question
    2. Outline and Structure
      1. Essay Outline (basic)
      2. Essay Outline (advanced)

Part III, Sample Essay Assignments

  1. Research Assignment Packet (Paruolo)
  2. Research Assignment Packet (Devers)
  3. Research Assignment Packet (Rodgers)

PART IV: Appendix

  1. Grading Tools
    1. Final Exam Performance Rubric
    2. Essay Grading Rubric, Personal Narrative (Paruolo)
    3. Essay Grading Rubric, Article Summary and Response (Paruolo)
    4. Essay Feedback Sheets (Devers)
    5. Peer Review Sheet, Article Summary and Response (Paruolo)
    6. Self Review Sheet, Article Summary and Response (Paruolo)
  2. Sample Syllabi
    1. ENG 1101 Syllabus and Schedule (Paruolo)
    2. ENG 1101 Syllabus (Rodgers)
  3. Sample Open Lab Site
    1. ENG 1101 Spring 2018 (Paruolo)

PART V: Helpful Websites

  1. Online Grammar Handbook (Skrabanek)
  2. Writing Commons (Moxley)
  3. Indian River State College MLA Style Guide
  4. UNC Writing Center
  5. OWL @Purdue
  6. CUNY WriteSite
  7. Digital Composition (Rodgers)