Personal Essay

Due Dates:

First Draft Due: 9/25 at beginning of lab

Bring two (2) printed copies to lab.

No late drafts accepted.

Final Draft Due:  10/7 on Blackboard by 11:59pm


Choose ONE of the following options for your essay.

[A] Evaluate an ethical dilemma you have faced.

Why was this a significant ethical dilemma for you? How did you handle it? What was
its impact on you?

[B] Recount an incident or time when you have experienced failure.

How did it affect you? What lesson did you learn? How has this experience changed the
way you deal with failure?

[C] Describe an event in your life that caused you to be or feel disillusioned.

What caused the disillusionment? How did you handle it? How did it change you?


  • Be sure to give your paper clear structure and logical organization.
  • Your essay should be 500-750 words (~2 -3 pages), typed, in MLA format (doublespaced,
    12pt, Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins).
  • Your name, my name, the due date, and the assignment should all appear at the top
    of your first page (no cover page).
  • Give your essay an interesting and informative title.
  • You may cite assigned readings as sources but you do not have to. If you cite sources you must include a works cited page.
  • The essay must be edited for grammar, typos, and readability.
  • Be sure to incorporate all corrections from your draft.
Late Final Drafts will lose 10% of the total possible points for every day they are late. After five days, late final drafts will no longer be accepted. Blackboard issues are not an excuse for late work. Issues such as improperly submitted files, blank files, unreadable files, or files submitted in the wrong format will not be an excuse for late work. Make every effort to ensure that your work is submitted in the proper format and on time so that it can receive full credit.

Adapted from content by Sarah Paruolo, 2017

“Personal Narrative Essay Assignment” by Sarah Paruolo is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0