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This is Part three of a three part series. See all other post here

Running an In-Class Creative Team Introduction

Part I – Meeting Your New Team

Part II – Becoming the Leader

If there’s one thing you have to leave here with learning, its that DUE DATES ARE GOLDEN.

Due dates are more than just a marking on a calendar. Its a promise to a client (or a professor) that the work will be done. No matter how many hiccups, errors, and accidentally deleted files there are, no one cares about the excuses. All that matters is that its finished with and ready to go.

But we all know nothing ever goes smooth. That’s what makes all this so entertaining. Some loss of sleep is definitely required to get your projects completed. Well, more like a lot of not sleeping goes on around here. So here are some tips in order to reach that golden date…hopefully successfully.

Plan Ahead

Make sure you try to set a schedule up to the due date. See how much time you have from now and until then. Allow time for research, sketching, development, and some time to critic and edit. Try to finish a few days before just to give you extra breathing room. But in all honestly, chances are your going to drift away from you plans but its always nice to know what and when you need to do things.

Glitter from Gold

If you see yourself trying to BS your way through your project, don’t. Its clear as day who really put in the effort and who didn’t. People like to protect themselves with fancy images and pretty presentations, but anyone who can break down ads and see its potential can definitely tell when you just did work to get it over with. Don’t be that person. There’s no excuse as a student to create work just because you’re a student! Work you’re proud of is easier to present and to show enthusiasm for. Show up to swing the hammer hard. Bring your best on presentation day ready to destroy everyone else’s stuff.

Learn to Settle

I’m going to keep this short and too the point. Prioritize what you need to do. Focus on the big picture. If you’re running out of time know what needs to be done as opposed to what should be done.

This was my final installment for Running an In-Class Creative Team. I hope you all left with some useful information and tips. Just know this a difficult road we all chose.

And like one of my great mentors, Professor Davis once said “Those who sacrifice unlike others, receive rewards unlike others.”


This is Part three of a three part series. See all other post here

Running an In-Class Creative Team Introduction

Part I – Meeting Your New Team

Part III – Due Dates are Golden

In all groups, someone has to be the leader. Keep everything organized and on schedule. As well as making sure everything is up to par design wise. Of course not everyone reading this is interested in bearing the groups weight, but if you are keep on reading.

Some times becoming the leader is forced upon you. Maybe your group is filled with some slackers, and you don’t feel like sinking to such level. Some times you may already have a positive reputation, and it’s assumed that you will be the leader. Either way, welcome to the front lines. Here are some tips I have from experience.

Be Brutal

We’re not in elementary school. Who cares about feelings. Make sure everything is done correctly. If it doesn’t work, make sure somebody makes it work.

Keep the Pressure On

Constantly keep in contact with everyone. Make sure you’re keeping everyone in the loop. Nothing worst than somebody creating a website layout for an idea we scrapped 3 days ago. Ask for updates constantly.

Stay Composed

No one respects a shaky leader. When crap hits the fan, keep calm and learn how to solve issues easily and quickly. This is especially important near deadlines.

Not everyone is made to be the leader. Sometimes you will be, sometimes you won’t. Just remember that responsibility is a honor to have.

This is Part one of a three part series. See all other post here

Running an In-Class Creative Team Introduction

Part II – Becoming the Leader

Part III – Due Dates are Golden


At some point of your college career, you will be thrown into random groups for either one project or a whole semester. Chances are YOU WILL KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THE INDIVIDUALS OF YOUR GROUP! But that’s the beauty of all this. Just random students trying not to fail.

First, learn about these folks. Start off with names and if your school has multiple modules, find out which modules you all stand in. Hopefully you find out that your team is diverse in skill sets. For example one person can be a designer, copywriter, web designer, and a photographer. In the likely event your group isn’t so obviously diverse, ask and learn about each persons strengths and weaknesses. Play to their strengths. The easier it is for them, the smoother things will go.

Ask them for their experience. Experience in the field and in school. Some students have taken more advanced classes than others. Try to gauge each others levels of skills.

Make sure you all keep in contact. Luckily for us, we live in an era of convenient technology. Swap ALL contact information with each other. I mean everything…, but your social security numbers of course. Create an online server that holds all of your work so you all can conveniently exchange files, such as Google Drive and DropBox. Add one another on social media sites, especially Facebook. Create a private group page for only your group and yourself to see and post. In my opinion, the Facebook page is the most useful tool. Not only can you post unlimited amount of things, you can quickly share information, view it, and respond from a mobile device.

You may all be in it together for the long haul. Build great relationships with one another. Put all personal disputes aside. If you find yourself or others bickering on a personal level, remember you all share one common goal.

Do Not fail.

You’re here because you have an interest in Advertising and Graphic Design like I do. In the creative world, we work in teams. Every member of the team has a responsibility. Everyone has to hold their own weight to hold for the success of the team. If you’re majoring in anything creative, you are inevitability going to be thrown into a group filled with strangers.

In the series ‘Running an In Class Creative Team’, I discuss the methods of running a creative team in class. I will give you tips and strategies in order to succeed. Topics that will be discussed are Meeting Your New Team, Becoming the Leader, and Due Dates are Golden.

Make sure you stay in touch as this series unfolds.

Part I – Meeting Your New Team

Part II – Becoming the Leader

Part III Due Dates are Golden