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Running an In-Class Creative Team Introduction

Part I – Meeting Your New Team

Part III – Due Dates are Golden

In all groups, someone has to be the leader. Keep everything organized and on schedule. As well as making sure everything is up to par design wise. Of course not everyone reading this is interested in bearing the groups weight, but if you are keep on reading.

Some times becoming the leader is forced upon you. Maybe your group is filled with some slackers, and you don’t feel like sinking to such level. Some times you may already have a positive reputation, and it’s assumed that you will be the leader. Either way, welcome to the front lines. Here are some tips I have from experience.

Be Brutal

We’re not in elementary school. Who cares about feelings. Make sure everything is done correctly. If it doesn’t work, make sure somebody makes it work.

Keep the Pressure On

Constantly keep in contact with everyone. Make sure you’re keeping everyone in the loop. Nothing worst than somebody creating a website layout for an idea we scrapped 3 days ago. Ask for updates constantly.

Stay Composed

No one respects a shaky leader. When crap hits the fan, keep calm and learn how to solve issues easily and quickly. This is especially important near deadlines.

Not everyone is made to be the leader. Sometimes you will be, sometimes you won’t. Just remember that responsibility is a honor to have.