I bet you’re all wondering “Out of all the topics and blogs to create, why this one?” Well let me take you a little into the past.

My father and his father were both fine artist in the Philippines. My grandfather, a sculpture of usually religious entities. My dad, a painter and a all around artist. When my father moved here, he had to prioritize and give up his passion for his job to support his family. And of course from his passion for art, my parents threw me into art pre-k art school at the age of four. I fell in love with fine arts. I focused on it from elementary school until I graduated high school where I focused on Commercial Art.

But how did I end up in Advertising and Graphic Design? When I got accepted to City Tech, it was originally for Architecture. I was sitting in the Advisory Offices Summer 2009 waiting to register for my first semester. Back then they had bins on the wall filled with all City Tech’s majors in alphabetical order. Within the bins were packets of information on the major. Such as the basic overall view of the major, what job opportunities there are, and what required classes there were. I sat there and read this sad overview of architecture. I’m not knocking anyone who is choosing to do architecture for their career, it’s just not for me. So many math classes accompanied by science classes. That was like hell on wheels for me. I get called up to register with doubt in my mind. I sit down, and my adviser says she’ll be right back to handle paper work. I end up staring at the wall with the bins and see the major for Communication Design. I get up for curiosity because my High School Diploma says ‘Communication Design’, so maybe this could be of interest. I grab a packet and start reading. My brain goes crazy because it realizes how stupid I’ve been not thinking to make this my life. Advertising and Graphic Design sounded so fun. All these art classes, learning adobe, becoming a strategist. I wanted in. My adviser came back, and before she sat down I asked her “Is it possible to switch into Communications Design major?”

Now you know how I got here, but why am I so passionate to help the students like me in here? In my time of choosing a college, I sent applications to all the major art schools in New York. I wanted to keep it local. I sent an application to Pratt, School of Visual Art, and Fashion Institute of Technology. I got accepted to Pratt and FIT along with City Tech. I saw the tuition and was very, very, very reluctant to go. Even after financial aid, and small scholarships, I would still have to pay a hefty price out of pocket. I made the economic decision to go with City Tech. In reality us City Tech art students have a disadvantage in the job search world. Employers jump to any student with a huge credible degree from an SVA caliber school. But us City Tech students kind of get shoved along. But there’s one thing that levels the playing field. Our portfolios. I want the students here, or anywhere, be able to compete with people with big money. I want them to be exposed to the same privileges just because they didn’t want to go to an expensive school. I want to create a nexus for all students who need help, to get help. Where we all can make each other better and network with others.

This is my drive to make this site succeed. This school has given me everything, and I promise to give it all back. One way or another.

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