As this generation begin to learn about healthy food choices, food industries are changing their marketing tactics in order for the consumers to continue buying their product.  By adding claims that are beneficial to one’s health, consumers are unknowingly buying a product that is far from the spectrum of aiding in one’s health.  In my blog, I have already covered some of the deceptive claims of the food labels, so, in this post I will like to focus on the false advertisement of the fast food companies, such as McDonald’s, Burger King, and Taco Bell.


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Used by Alphaila

When you go and order a McDonald’s cheeseburger you are expecting a big juicy burger, well prepared, nice sliced onions, and the oozing of the cheese off the burger.  You are expecting everything you’ve seen on the pictures and commercials to be what you purchase to eat but that is not the case.  When you open your prospective big mac or triple pounder hamburger, you find that the size of the meat patty is smaller than what the advertisement was showing.  The burger does not look appealing, the bread is mushed, and the food looks overall sloppy.


Although Wendy’s say that their salad is a healthy option, the nutritional content tells otherwise. The apple pecan chicken has 570 calories, 27 grams of fat, 37 grams of sugar, and 1350 mg of sodium.
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Some fast food giants have tried to market healthy varieties on their menus.  However, the food that they are claiming as healthy is really not. The healthy choices can still have a lot of added fat, sugar, or salt, which can add up to stored fat in the body.  Although, there are many articles showing options to healthy choices in fast food, the question still remains on how was the food made? Where did the ingredients come from? What are the ingredients that are added to make the food?, And what is the nutritional facts about the food?

And, yes I do know that every fast food chain states the nutritional facts on each item that is purchased by the consumer but It would be best to do research before deciding if the food that the fast food company is advertising is healthy.