Journal Entry #9 – Second Project, Redesigning the GSA Poster

The second project is to redesign the GSA (Gender + Sexuality Alliance) Poster. GSA is an LGBT+ class for 6th graders.


In the second project, I want the design to be simple and easy to read for the audience to understand the message. I’m thinking of using the LGBT+ rainbow color symbol. However, I forget that the school can’t print in color, but I still hope that the message is strong enough.

Poster Design #1:

In design #1, the theme is love. I use the heart-shaped that I have on Photoshop. In the first version, I use a black color background to contrast against the rainbow color.

Poster Design #2:

The second design is a simple design by using the rainbow color. Then I play around with the text positions.

Poster Design #3:



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