Ethic Post #2 – Hope Case Study

I already know about the Copywrite and the right use of someone else’s work when designing a poster for clients or businesses. In the past, I have used another’s creative work, but I always have to read the creator’s rights if they allowed us to use it for personal or commercial. I also have to look up for a websites that allowed free material for me to use for the project.

Fairey should have to look for the original image and see the creator’s contract. It’s fine to use the photograph for references, but he edited the original photograph and traced it, which is a big red flag.

Journal Entry #9 – Second Project, Redesigning the GSA Poster

The second project is to redesign the GSA (Gender + Sexuality Alliance) Poster. GSA is an LGBT+ class for 6th graders.


In the second project, I want the design to be simple and easy to read for the audience to understand the message. I’m thinking of using the LGBT+ rainbow color symbol. However, I forget that the school can’t print in color, but I still hope that the message is strong enough.

Poster Design #1:

In design #1, the theme is love. I use the heart-shaped that I have on Photoshop. In the first version, I use a black color background to contrast against the rainbow color.

Poster Design #2:

The second design is a simple design by using the rainbow color. Then I play around with the text positions.

Poster Design #3:



Ethic Post #1 – AIGA Design and Business Ethics

My internship is to make posters and flyers for the school. I keep hearing that some school steals other people’s work from the internship without reading their contract or their right of use. However, I still have to follow the rule when using materials from the internet.

Some of the posters I have to use outside resources for the fonts, vector art, photos, etc and some I did it for myself. When I get those materials from the internet, I have to read carefully about the use of someone else’s work. Some of the fonts and work can be used for either commercial work or personal use.


Journal Entry #11 – Last Day

On May 19, it’s the last day of my internship. I had a great time working with the school, and I learned a lot when designing posters for the school. I also want to thank my supervisor, and T’ahna, for hiring me for the job as I was struggling to get an internship before.

Even with the outbreak, I was lucky that the school still need a designer for their visual classes.



Journal Entry #10 – The Third and Final Project, Schedule for Virtual Classes

My last and final project is to create a virtual class schedule posters.

This was a very big project because I have to design these poster individuals. My client want the poster to be POP! as in making it interesting for the kids wanting to join the activity during the outbreak.

Nassau Museum – Blue Exhibit

The first artwork that I like is the untitled photography by Deborah Turberville. When I first saw this, I thought it was a painting, but when I search up for Turberville on Google, I read that she’s a photographer. The reason I thought this was painting because of the lighting, and the figure looks blurry. The color from the gold and the blues match very well together in this piece.

The second artwork is by Han Qin. The use of negative space creates a silhouette that is easy to read. The figures look like they are floating in space. I went online to learn more about this piece because I’m curious about how the artist creates this piece. When I found the artist’s portfolio website, I learn that she used a UV light to create this type of work. That’s how she was able to create a beautiful color blue without using paint.

App Review #2 – Paypal Business

App name: Paypal Business
Developer: Paypal, Inc.
Platform: iPhone, iPad, and Android
Price: Free

Paypal is an online financial service that is easy to use for both businesses and consumers. You put your bank account, debit, credit cards, and you can use Paypal to pay for stuff the safest way. As for business, we use it to create invoices to customers when we do commissions or sell stuff online.

The cons to Paypal is that you can’t save your money in your Paypal account. If you leave your money in your account, they will freeze your account until you call their customer service.

Network/Webinar Event #3 – Tips on “How to work from home” with Sarajean Chung

I attend another Clip Studio Paint webinar, and this time is about how to work from home by Sarajean Chung. This webinar is perfect for people who have no motivation to work on their projects. Sarajean Chung, AKA TheOneWithBear, is a freelance and twitch streamer illustrator. She works in both digital and traditional illustration.

In this one hour webinar, she shares her tips and experience of working from home. She talks about her journey as an artist. Chung then explains her way on how to keep her busy and productive by playing her favorite game called Animal Crossing: New Horizon.

She has another video about tips on working from home. This video is more informative for people who do need some tips on how to work from home.

There isn’t more for me to say about this webinar because everything she mentions I already have done it before. Before the pandemic, I’m always alone in my house and doing my projects. However, I do have a pet rabbit to keep me company. I’m very adapted to the idea of working from home. I had people thinking I’ll go crazy for staying at home 24/7 without going outside, but now everybody is doing the same thing as I did before the pandemic.

My personal tips on what keeping me sane and productive when working from home are: listen to music as I’m drawing or doing a project, play a few hours of video games, and watch videos.

App Review #1 – Sell on Etsy

App name: Sell on Etsy
Developer: Etsy, Inc.
Platform: iPhone, iPad, and Android
Price: Free

Sell on Etsy is an app-specific for sellers who sell on Etsy. I downloaded this app because I’m an artist that wants to sell online. I in love with this app because I can check my shop while I’m on my bed without going to my laptop. However, there are some pros and cons.

When I first got this app, it was easy to use. The dashboard shows my shop overviews and activity from the buyers that favorite my items, leave a review, or favorite my shop.

The next tab is the stats. The stats show how many shoppers visit my shop, which platform they found my shop, and how many shoppers viewed my listing each day.

The orders section is where I can look at the order for me to pack and ship my costumer’s orders. The only downside is from putting in the shipping sizes. The way it designed, it’s confusing compared to the laptop version.

This section is the Listings under More. I still having trouble getting used to editing my listing on my phone, because they way they order it. It’s different from their laptop version. Also, I’m having a hard time trying to edit the shipping. I wish that they changed it, so I don’t have to go on my laptop to edit my listing.

Under the Finances section, I’m confused with the Payment account and Your bill because both have the same design. Another thing I wish they also include in their app from the laptop version is the total balance, fees and tax, and the amount.

Journal Entry #8 – The Corona Extra, I mean virus

The Coronavirus is getting worse as it’s coming to America and other countries. Thousand of people are getting sick and dying. Schools, businesses, and restaurants are closing down. Everybody is out of jobs and can’t pay rent.

Since school is closing down, I don’t have an internship then. Just when my life is going so well, and then life punched me in the face. What am I going to do? I don’t think I can find another internship. Am I able to pass the class? How the heck are we going to graduate?

My mom’s friend, Shelomo, knows someone that wants to hire an intern. Her name is Joan, and he gave me her number and email. The next day, I called her for an internship job. Joan told me that I should send her my cover letter, portfolio, and resume via email. Also, because of social distancing, she says she can interview me through Zoom or Skype. After the call, I send all my files and waiting for a response.

Then, after 2 weeks, no response. I keep getting bad luck with these jobs.

Then, T’ahna says that our supervisor will give us another project to work remotely. I guess there’s hope?