Course Experience in Graphic Design Principles I

Before the first class session, I expected that we are only working on the computer at first. We would be taught about designing an ad and other graphic design related work. Then, every class we would learn on how to use every Adobe program. I also thought that we have to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for every project throughout the week of class. All these expectations before class session did not happen at first.

During our first class session, we were shown samples of projects. My first reaction was surprise because I never thought the graphic design class began practicing manually. We were instructed that we have to start our project by hand and it had to be perfect. After the class session, I was excited to start the project because it was a new challenge for me.

Every class project, we were doing a lot of pictorial balances with a focal point in high value contrast. At first it was hard because we had to make the proportion and scale work against the white paper to give an illusion of the focal point controlling the negative space. After much practice and error, I was able to improve on the draughtsmanship on creating the perfect illusion. These projects helped me see and understand how the illusion works. In addition, my eyes improved by understanding the illusion created according to the proportion of the shapes.

In the beginning of class, we critiqued everybody’s work. When we did our first critique, it was difficult because we could not use “I” when presenting our work. We also had to speak louder and be proud to speak about our work. Then throughout each class, it’s started to get easier to talk about our work and knowing what worked and what did not work. Also, the critique helped improve my projects because I had everybody’s idea and opinion on it.

Before we had the critique, every week we had class discussions on viewing ads and related topics. I liked the idea that the class was reviewing the ads and other related topics because I could get an idea about being a designer. Also, it helped me to learn new things about designing an ad and how the other designers tried to grab the consumer’s attention. I was able to learn about the focal point, the terminology, and the color to make the image pop. During the discussion, everybody had different ideas and opinions when looking at the ads, which helped me learn something new each session.

In conclusion, I learned a lot from this course and classmates about the ads and their ideas. I was able to train my eyes from all the projects given in class and learned all the vocabulary terms that I never knew existed. So far, this course is a very interesting and challenging experience for me. I learned a new skill from all the projects by being patient and making everything perfect. In the end, from all the new knowledge and skills, I was able to created my final project and make it perfect to catch the consumer’s eyes.



In the U Supermarket commercial, the editor wanted to replicate the sound of the french song by Louis Armstrong by using crying babies. There was similarities between the music from Louis Armstrong and the commercial. At first, it was hard to notice the similarities of the music. Then, I started to recognize the music from the babies crying when the pitch of the cry changes. Lastly, I felt that the commercial is effective because the sound have a flow similar to the music by Armstrong.

Cooper Hewitt Trip

Print, Title Plate, Suite of Fantastic Ornamental Bouquets, 1614

This design was created by Wendel Dietterlin the younger. This caught my eyes because I like the way Dietterlin design this. I find it impressive that Dietterlin drew this by hand. When I look closely, I see all of the small details of the shadings. Overall, this inspired me to design something like this by hand.


Drawing, Stained Glass Window: Three Part Design, 1890-1900

The second piece I chose is by John C. Wolf. This piece had an interesting design and it made by hand. At first, I thought it was just a picture of a glass window, but when I look closely I can see the watercolor effects. I also like the way the drawing is neat and align perfectly. The choice of color fits so well with the design, too.


Eungie Skirt, 2007 – Present

This skirt design is made by Christina Kim. I chose this work is because of the design on the skirt. The design choise fit perfect with the background color. This skirt is very unique from I see everyday in fashion. It is probably because of the pattern design that make it different from others.

Visual quote project

For the visual quote project, we have to pick a quote and illustrate to represent the quote in a postcard size print. I chose the quote “This is my design” by Will Graham in Hannibal.
project-1 For my first design, I use the strong symbol from the show, which is the Elk. The Elk represent the villain, Hannibal Lector, that lurk and follow Will Graham. project-2




My second design is the same with the Elk symbol. Except, I decided to make it red and have the color drip down to represent blood. I wanted the color and the illustration to match with the show.


For my last design, we can use photo images and I chose to use the main character who says the quote in the show.

Visual Project Sketch


Wendy’s logo analysis

2013 Wendy’s logo

1983 Wendy’s logo

In 1969, Dave Thomas has created a fast food restaurant called Wendy’s. Wendy’s was the third world largest burger chain along with Mcdonald and Burger King. They make good old fashioned hamburgers, and their logo fits with what they are serving. Since 1969, Wendy’s logo had been changing a lot from complex to simple design. Their brand new logo had people favorite the new design more.

Wendy’s derived their logo and the name of Dave Thomas’ daughter, Melinda-Lou “Wendy” Thomas. In 1983 to 2013, the old logo was complex and they overdid it, which it did not get people’s attention. In 2013, the designers decided to redesign the logo and simplified it. In comparison to the old and the new logo, the new logo was successful and everybody likes it.

In new Wendy’s logo, the designers renew the illustration of Wendy. The designers chose these ideas to make it friendly, which fits to what the company is all about. They did a nice job on designing the new logo because people would remember the new logo better than the old one. But yet, there is one problem with the kerning on the new logo. For example, the “We” lettering is close to each other, while the “en” lettering is far apart. It is a bit distracting, but it still works with the friendly typeface. In the end, the new logo was something new and different than the old one.