Ethic Post #2 – Hope Case Study

I already know about the Copywrite and the right use of someone else’s work when designing a poster for clients or businesses. In the past, I have used another’s creative work, but I always have to read the creator’s rights if they allowed us to use it for personal or commercial. I also have to look up for a websites that allowed free material for me to use for the project.

Fairey should have to look for the original image and see the creator’s contract. It’s fine to use the photograph for references, but he edited the original photograph and traced it, which is a big red flag.

Ethic Post #1 – AIGA Design and Business Ethics

My internship is to make posters and flyers for the school. I keep hearing that some school steals other people’s work from the internship without reading their contract or their right of use. However, I still have to follow the rule when using materials from the internet.

Some of the posters I have to use outside resources for the fonts, vector art, photos, etc and some I did it for myself. When I get those materials from the internet, I have to read carefully about the use of someone else’s work. Some of the fonts and work can be used for either commercial work or personal use.