Network/Webinar Event #3 – Tips on “How to work from home” with Sarajean Chung

I attend another Clip Studio Paint webinar, and this time is about how to work from home by Sarajean Chung. This webinar is perfect for people who have no motivation to work on their projects. Sarajean Chung, AKA TheOneWithBear, is a freelance and twitch streamer illustrator. She works in both digital and traditional illustration.

In this one hour webinar, she shares her tips and experience of working from home. She talks about her journey as an artist. Chung then explains her way on how to keep her busy and productive by playing her favorite game called Animal Crossing: New Horizon.

She has another video about tips on working from home. This video is more informative for people who do need some tips on how to work from home.

There isn’t more for me to say about this webinar because everything she mentions I already have done it before. Before the pandemic, I’m always alone in my house and doing my projects. However, I do have a pet rabbit to keep me company. I’m very adapted to the idea of working from home. I had people thinking I’ll go crazy for staying at home 24/7 without going outside, but now everybody is doing the same thing as I did before the pandemic.

My personal tips on what keeping me sane and productive when working from home are: listen to music as I’m drawing or doing a project, play a few hours of video games, and watch videos.

Network/Webinar Event #2 – How to draw realistic faces in Clip Studio Paint – Ergo Josh

I join a Clip Studio Paint Webinar and the event starts at 2:00 pm. The webinar is about how to draw faces with the artist, Ergo Josh. I know this artist through his youtube channel for giving tips on drawing and getting more recognition on Instagram. When I was waiting for the webinar to start, I got scared when I saw the microphone icon and I thought that we are going to have a video group chat.

In this webinar, he shows the viewer how to draw a human face and explains the different female and male face anatomy. He also mentions websites and programs of 3D models of human faces.

There is a chat box where people can ask questions about what material he is using, his progress, and anatomy references. Near the end of the webinar, the host would ask questions that people ask from the chat. Josh talks about his experience as an artist and a content creator. He mentions that he fails classes because he was drawing in class.

Ergo Josh gives a tip to the artist that we should draw when we are relaxed and calm because it makes out work look better. He mentions that the artist draws better in class than they did at home because they don’t care about the result. I find it interesting that artists are struggling to produce good work because they are stressing to get a perfect result. It’s because I had the same experience when I draw every day.

I learned so much from this webinar, and I hope to see another one from the Clip Studio Paint Website.

The webinar is recorded and post it on Youtube

Network Event #1 – Redefining “Hero” in 21st Century Comics

I went to The Center for Fiction event on February 19, 2020, for free from Professor Woolley. The speakers at the event are Vita Ayala, Robin Ha, Khary Randolph, and Joseph Illidge. This event helps me to understand the comic book industry and knowing about these artists’ challenges of doing comics.

Robin Ha is an author and illustrator for Cook Korean!: A Comic book with Recipes and Almost American Girl. She talked about her process and her achievements before she started doing comics. She also explains her life of being an immigrant experience from Seoul and the reason why she started illustrating her memoir graphic novel.

Khary Randolph is a comic and animation artist who works for DC Comics, Marvel, etc. I remember him from our school art gallery from last semester. He talked about working in the comic industry.
Vita Ayala is a writer for The Wilds. Vita and the rest of the speakers talk about the diversity in comics and explains how other people feel having people of color in comics.

After the talk, people ask some questions that they want to understand more about their process. Then, we had a book signing from the 3 artists. I didn’t have a book for them to sign, but I wanted to ask them questions and try to network with them. I asked Khary Randolph about the challenges that he had of doing comics. After that, I asked all both Khary and Robin if they have business cards. They didn’t, but then I asked them if they have an Instagram or LinkedIn so I can follow them. Finally, we had a group photo with the speakers. Before I have to go home, I gave them my business cards and stickers for saying thank you for answering my questions.