Journal Entry #8 – The Corona Extra, I mean virus

The Coronavirus is getting worse as it’s coming to America and other countries. Thousand of people are getting sick and dying. Schools, businesses, and restaurants are closing down. Everybody is out of jobs and can’t pay rent.

Since school is closing down, I don’t have an internship then. Just when my life is going so well, and then life punched me in the face. What am I going to do? I don’t think I can find another internship. Am I able to pass the class? How the heck are we going to graduate?

My mom’s friend, Shelomo, knows someone that wants to hire an intern. Her name is Joan, and he gave me her number and email. The next day, I called her for an internship job. Joan told me that I should send her my cover letter, portfolio, and resume via email. Also, because of social distancing, she says she can interview me through Zoom or Skype. After the call, I send all my files and waiting for a response.

Then, after 2 weeks, no response. I keep getting bad luck with these jobs.

Then, T’ahna says that our supervisor will give us another project to work remotely. I guess there’s hope?