About Me


My name is Yineeta Chitlall, I am in the Final Semester of Dental hygiene school at New York City College of Technology. This has been an amazing and educational journey. I always had a strong urge to help and care for others and wanted to choose a career where I wouldĀ be able to do this. I actually had my first dental cleaning at age 17 by my sister when she was in the dental hygiene program and it was a great experience. After this visit I started to pay more attention to my oral health and started to take care of my teeth more.

At first when I decided to doĀ DentalĀ Hygiene I was not sure how wellĀ it will work out but the moment I started the program and was getting all this new and interesting information I was very excited toĀ learn more. I really enjoy what I am doing andĀ IĀ am very happy that I play a major role in helping people keep their teeth for a long time.Ā I realizedĀ thatĀ in this career I will not only be doing cleaningsĀ but will be providing care and education to others that will impact their lives in so many ways.Ā It’s such a pleasureĀ to be ableĀ to provideĀ oral care and education to so many people andĀ nothing is more rewarding than a happy patient. One of my major goals of being a Dental Hygienist is to do many Oral Health Education programs around the world andĀ spreadĀ smiles everywhere I go.



This portfolio will display some of the presentations that were done from First Semester to Fourth Semester, it will provide some information in regards to treatment of patients, case studies, community service, my resume will be found here and a lot more of information.



Below is a picture from Greater NY Dental Meeting 2014. We worked with the Colgate station and my group hosted the puppet show for children. We educated the children by singing songs about brushing and flossing and got them involved also. ThisĀ  was a lot of fun, the children were very happy and excited.