Field trip

After I went to the trip in museum, I found that there are a lot of interest things, and I am ready for the next time to there. There are electronic works that we can draw pictures and see it on the screen as repetition. Then I saw the designs such as our proportionate color project, and also the texture on the side is sooooooo nice~ Next what I saw is the paper cutting on the wall. I really like that kind of¬†art such¬†as the bird¬†I drew. The small details are very clear. Then, there are a lot of drawings. I feel the time and the special emotion that the people have when they were drawing. Every single line has the important meaning, the picture can’t finish without those lines. Further more, the furniture in the show¬†are very special. Especially¬†the chairs¬†with different design. Also there are bird cases with the sound of¬†birds, like¬†the bird is really there. ¬†I found that the small wood graves are very delicate.¬† Everyone is like the real building or real stairs that people can use.¬† Finally, I saw there are tools. Every tools are we use them everyday, or we know how to use them in some ways.¬† There is the “CONTROLER OF TEH UNIVERSE” that use many tools to make them around people to make we feel like in the universe.

I am very excited about this trip, but the only thing I feel sad is we didn’t finish our trip and only stopped on second floor. I hope I can have another chance to go there and see more interest designs.

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