About Me

I am a girl who likes study hard in what I like, sometimes a little lazy in study what I think it is boring. I like drawing and writing, those two things make me alive. But only  make a living by drawing may not possible now. So I decided to be a designer. I am good at both drawing and writing, so I chose advertising design. I taking this class because of the requirement. My dream job is to be an artist. I am afraid of be in crowded for a long lime, so I’d prefer to do work on my own space.

I love drawing, even thought I am not the best one, I always drawing on paper with pencil or point pen. Sometimes I do some drawing with color, but I like picture with black and white more than colorful.

I like to join a small group to talk about the project because there will be less argument. And I like to join the group which everyone has there own forte in different parts. I’m interested in socially activity.

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