Sounds Visualization


One this project, I learned that music and picture can be connected. I can use different lines or shapes to show what I feel about the sound, and I can use this way to share my feeling with other people. With the change of the sound, my feeling changed. Sometimes I feel peaceful, and sometimes I feel excited. So the line on my paper changes, and the second one I used piano score to show how the sounds changes on the piano. I used to play piano, when I making  the sound by my hands, there are many different pictures jump into my mind. I think it is the same us project 2, that is, to link the sound and image.

What I feel I was succeed is that I drew what I think when I listening to that two songs, and I can drew exactly what in my mind and also share with others. But the only thing I think not perfect is that people can’t see my pictures on my book very clearly when they leave a little far. I tried to draw lines perfectly and make them very meticulous; however, I  drew them when I can see them with a close range, so I think I should think more about how I can do with the lines that people can see them whatever the distance is .

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