Blog Post 12

Today, we are talking about how does everyone’s internship goes? Everyone shares their experiences, what they learned, and the challengeĀ of the internship. I also share mine, I was so lucky can working at Faculty Commons, I learned a lotĀ of things in there. For example, how to communicate with clients, how to discuss the problem with them, leaning the new skills and etc. However, I still got the challenge in there, time managementĀ is a really big problem for me, sometimes we don’tĀ have enough time to finish the project, so we need to push ourselves. Also, we need to be careful with everything, make sure don’tĀ make mistake onĀ the information which clients gave to us.

This week in the internship, the clients from WAC program, asked me if I can create a logomark for them. So, after we discuss the problem, I just gave them three design concept for them, but they’re busy and can notĀ reply me on time. Bow, I still waiting for their response.