Blog Post 11

Today’s class is talk about how to create the final project. So, we need to create a PDF for it. And we need to talk about our internship, challenge, projects we did in the internship, and gains on this presentation. Also, we need package our resume, cover letter, and portfolio. Now, I still work on my portfolio and my own name logo, I try to mock-up all of them and create a PDF to display my artworks. It makes me feel so good, when you saw your work got a nice mock-up. But, I still no idea for my name logo yet 🙁

This week is not too much work for my internship. Met with my client on Monday, and she wants me to do a design for WAC launch party event. So, she hopes to keep the same design as before I did for a bookmark, and there is not too much time for me, she wants to get this design as soon as possible. And then, I try using 2 hours to finish this design, and she loves.