Blog Post 10

Today’s class is talk about our experience from the internship, and how do you relax when you having free time. Usually, I like going outside for different pop-up events/shows, they always have some interesting stuff and it’s not very expensive. Also, I will watch the Instagram see if my favorite artists will have an art show in New York. TimeOut is a great magazine shows many events in New York, also it shows some free events, I like reading it and find some interesting place to go.

For my internship, I have a new client on this week. The project is about making a brochure for GenEd, because of they have the guest speakers on November 10th, and they want me to make a simple brochure for people who come to this event. So, I finished it so fast, because of only a few days for us to print and pick up, however, my client loves it so much. Finally, we did total 100 copies for this, I think it will come out today.