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Blog Post 14 – Internship Presentation

Internship Presentation

Today is last day of the class. I’m so happy that can be this group of people in this class, everyone is sharing their experience¬†and e-portfolio skill together. I’m so pleased that share my experience with them, I hope it can help them, also can be a suggestion for them. Also, attached is the file of my internship¬†presentation, feel free to watch. Goodbye.

Blog Post 13

I don’t¬†go to class today.

In this week, my boss gave me a new client, which is from humanities department at our school. So, they hope they can have their own¬†logo for humanities department. So, after I met with my client, he gave me a lot of information, also they already made few logos by themselves. My client tells me that they just want to keep¬†word ” humanities” on the logo, and they hope logo is colorful, and it good to display on white¬†and black paper.

According to his suggests, I try to make some concepts to him with different ideas. Below is three concepts which I was shown to him.

Blog Post 12

Today, we are talking about how does everyone’s internship goes? Everyone shares their experiences, what they learned, and the challenge¬†of the internship. I also share mine, I was so lucky can working at Faculty Commons, I learned a lot¬†of things in there. For example, how to communicate with clients, how to discuss the problem with them, leaning the new skills and etc. However, I still got the challenge in there, time management¬†is a really big problem for me, sometimes we don’t¬†have enough time to finish the project, so we need to push ourselves. Also, we need to be careful with everything, make sure don’t¬†make mistake on¬†the information which clients gave to us.

This week in the internship, the clients from WAC program, asked me if I can create a logomark for them. So, after we discuss the problem, I just gave them three design concept for them, but they’re busy and can not¬†reply me on time. Bow, I still waiting for their response.

Blog Post 11

Today’s class is talk about how to create the final project. So, we need to create a PDF for it. And we need to talk about our internship, challenge, projects we did in the internship, and gains on this presentation. Also, we need package our¬†resume, cover letter, and portfolio. Now, I still work on my portfolio and my own name logo, I try to mock-up all of them and create a PDF to display my artworks. It makes me feel so good, when you saw your work got a nice mock-up. But, I still no idea for my name logo yet ūüôĀ

This week is not too much work for my internship. Met with my client on Monday, and she wants me to do a design for WAC launch party event. So, she hopes to keep the same design as before I did for a bookmark, and there is not too much time for me, she wants to get this design as soon as possible. And then, I try using 2 hours to finish this design, and she loves.

Blog Post 10

Today’s class is talk about our experience¬†from the internship, and how do you relax when you having free time. Usually, I like going outside for different pop-up events/shows, they always have some interesting¬†stuff and it’s not very expensive. Also, I will watch the Instagram see if my favorite¬†artists will have an art show in New York. TimeOut is a great magazine shows¬†many events in New York, also it shows¬†some free events, I like reading it and find some interesting¬†place to go.

For my internship, I have a new client on this week. The project is about making a brochure for GenEd, because of they have the guest speakers on November 10th, and they want me to make a simple brochure for people who come to this event. So, I finished it so fast, because of only a few days for us to print and pick up, however, my client loves it so much. Finally, we did total 100 copies for this, I think it will come out today.

Blog Post 9

Continue on reading the book on class, today is talk about how important that you have a goal and a¬†mentor in your life. I don’t¬†have the specific goal right now. But I think I have a mentor which is my elder sister, she is older than me 10 years old. She is a great graphic designer, and always give me some ideas on my project. She taught me a lot of, for example, she taught¬†me how to use the basis of the photoshop, also the pen tool in illustrator was she taught me. So, I can say that she is a mentor in my life.

In the internship, started doing a brochure for bearing witness, but it’s not finished yet. Still waiting my client give me more information¬†about the event.

Blog Post 8

Today’s class is reading the book, and the chapter we read is about how to write the email to your clients. First, we need have a good subject for¬†attracting attention. Second, try to make your email easy and simple for people to understand it, don’t¬†writing too much-confused¬†information that makes client un-clear. Third, be nice to your client and make sure have the signature¬†on the bottom of your email, make sure your client can contact with you in anytime.

My internship on this week is tried to do some¬†certificates for Air progress. It’s not very difficult for me because¬†my client doesn’t¬†want to change the layout of the certificate, only changed is color, from blue to maroon¬†red. But I still waiting for the professor names which need to show¬†up on the certificates.

There is the layout of the certificate.

Blog Post 7

I didn’t go to school on this week. My elder sister gave birth on Tuesday¬†night, and I take care her other two years old little boy at home.

All of my work on internship is done right now. No more extra¬†work. And I missing with two classes, and I sent the email to my professors¬†and try to catch up. So happy with professors can understand why I’m missing the classes ūüôā

Blog Post 6

The professor¬†allowed the student who has internship can coming to class later at 10 o’clock. I’m lucky, and I can sleep 30 more minutes¬†in the morning. The weather is getting cold, and it’s difficult to leave my bed.

I got a new client on my internship, but this time I was working with my workmate, the project is about doing a series of progress¬†for the third art exhibition¬†for faculty. The name of the project called bearing witness. We are working on the logo at first, and logo that my workmate did was picked. So, we started working on more at this progress. I was working on the poster for them, and my workmate is working for eblast. It’s a big project. And, after we finished above items, we still waiting for more information on it.

There is the poster for Bearing Witness.

Blog Post 5

Last calling for the student who doesn’t¬†have an internship. The professor talked with me about my internship experience, and I told her that it’s helpful and internship. My workmates¬†are great, and always help me fix the problem that I have. I answered one by one question that she asked. And then, I started with my class project.

There is a lot of works in my internshipon this week. WAC progress hoped me can help them do the latest one workshop poster, web banner, and a bookmark. I spent a lot of time on bookmark because I’m no idea with it. So, I try to research¬†online and talk with my workmate, tried to do the draft, keep the change and change again. Finally, done with it.

There are the latest poster, web-banner, and bookmark.