Story Concept

For my narrative illustration project, I decide to chose The Little Match Girl by  Han Christian Anderson. The background of the story was on a cold New Year’s Eve, a poor, young girl tries to sell matches in the street with her naked feet. She is too afraid to go home because her father would beat her for not selling any matches. The girl starts to light the matches to kept herself warm and see several scenes that fit the holiday. Like a warm stove, the wonderful roast goose and a magnificent Christmas tree thats larger than the one she had seen last Christmas through the glass at the rich merchant’s house.Then she look up the sky and saw a falling star and thought to herself that “Someone is dying” because her dead grandmother had told her that when a star fell down, a soul will went up to God; as foreshadowing that the girl is dying. The last scene she had with the matches was her dead grandmother, the only person who had loved her. She wanted to keep her grandmother by struck the whole bundle of matches. As a result, she was fulfilled her wish with her grandmother because she was frozen to dead after the all the matches burned out and her grandmother carries her soul to God.

For my version, I would keep most of the story and give a appearance of the father, which had never shown in the story other than we know he will beat the little girl. I wanted to change the father’s character to be a nice father that picks her up and give her something to keep her warm at the end. I would keep the focus on the little girl and give a vision of her father looking down at her daughter.

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