Japan Dolphin Hunting

In this article from National Geographic, it goes over the issue of dolphin hunting that occurs annually in Taiji, Japan. The Fishermen would lower one end of a steel pipe into the water, and then they would strike the pipe with mallets to through off the dolphins sonar. The dolphins would get pushed back near a bay where a net from the fishermen will close them in. The dolphins are left there overnight to calm down since they’re panicked at this point. the fisherman would then come back and slice the dolphins throats. According to the article, Fishermen would gather about 1,000 of these dolphins and would either slaughter them for their meat or sell them to marine parks. Also in Japan they hunt whales as well. I know these hunts have been going on for years in Japan but I find it not right for these amazing creatures to be killed. Well in general I don’t like the idea of any animal to be hunted down especially to turn them into merchandise.


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