About Tyler Fulwood

Hello I am a young Game designer started senior year of highschool and now im working on my project alone, its hard but I know ill do it. I also draw and soon hope to make more art of my video game characters.

Project 4: Narrative Illustration Proposals

Story: She

Genre: Fiction

Setting: On the Page of a writers books

Since the story takes place between a writer and his fictional character. He’s basically creating her and where the story will take place. So for my change i would make it the main character different from a writer. the main character will be a 3d model designer and he is making the character adding text and putting his character into a game

Project 3 concept new

I was thinking about doing this one as it shows what i am going for “Depression” The idea behind it is that people hide who they are and people see them as always happy positive but when the person has had enough of hiding the mask starts to break and the true form of the people is shown