About Tyler Fulwood

Hello I am a young Game designer started senior year of highschool and now im working on my project alone, its hard but I know ill do it. I also draw and soon hope to make more art of my video game characters.

Did you ring for the messenger? – Orson B. Lowell

 This is the only illustration I found interesting because i really like the design of all the wooden furniture. it feels like im in the scene but the chair kept my eye centered on that design. Orson Byron Lowell was an illustrator that was different from all the others, from the way his work was to the person he was an good-natured personality. His style and personality kept him active in the illustration field for more than 60 years. Throughout his life he has moved a lot first starting with where he was born, Wyoming, Iowa, in 1871. Then moved to Chicago because his work was already starting to become popular at a young age. And finally he made his way to NY where he became really famous for his work. From what I can see from his work the setting looks very realistic but in away cartoony maybe from the painting style. This illustration is also symbolic to contemporary courting rituals did not permit gifts to be shared from a man to a women without her approval. The gifts were usually things that would easily go away unlike something of a teddy bear, watch, etc.

Final pencil drawing

This illustration was my Second final pencil illustration. The drink from starbucks i choose was “iced cascara coconut milk latte” She is a coconut sitting on an island and an iceberg is in the background for a cold feel. she sits there holding a cascara. The term “cascara” comes from the dried fruit, or husks, of coffee cherries that are used to make the beverage. The word means “peel,” “husk” or “skin,” and this is the part of the cherry that’s used for the beverage. The husks themselves are like dried fruit that would be used in herbal teas, but they’re a little bigger and more leathery than most dried fruit that’s put in tea.