Project 4 proposal

Story: Aladdin

Genre: Pirate Era/History

Audience: Everyone

Setting: 1693-1740

Summary: Aladdin a low time Thief with no one by his side. He receive word of an treasure map in town which will lead riches. Aladdin up to his own trickery, steals the map. In his mind this treasure could change his life forever.


Proposal 2

Story: Aladdin

Genre: Sci fi

Audience: PG 13

Settings: Dystopian Future

Summary:  In place where only the strong survive. Jax “Aladdin” Murphy a man of many skills. One of which is an knack of pissing off the wrong people. Until he crosses a man he wish he never had, when he steal his prize possession.



Field Trip: Society of Illustrator

One of Orson B Lowell picture stood out to me was the Drunken man speaking to table because of how he catches the view attention of how drunk this person was. He represented the spiral on a man’s leg and table to show how drunk he was, and how it looked from his eyes. When I first saw this picture without looking at the description, I was like, what’s going on the here and why his leg looked like it was broken or rubber. But it’s interesting how he Incorporated the spirals to the man leg table to represent the drunkenness the man was.

Chris Van Allsburg Discussion

I didnt know who was Chris Van Allsburg to begin with until the professor told us. So i saw this photo and immediately saw that this can be in a scary movie, cause of the dark and like contrast, the depth of field and the tone/mood of the picture and because of that smooth creek cause its soo still and like something about to pop or someone about to run across it..