Week three reading: Role of reference

Illustrator Yuko Shimizu uses google map to help him with his drawing during horrible weather, which he couldn’t attend. By using references from Google for certain place or building he was going to draw for concept. The thing that interested me when “A girl with the dog is based on one of my students who had to give away her dog to the neighbor and feeling sad, so I decided to draw her with a dog happily taking a walk”. Which in my opinion that was interesting to do.

Reading responses week two

How Next-Level Design Is Driving the Beer World
It’s interesting that more and then ones artist working and collaborating on a particular design label. By designing with different artist draws out the viewer attention to see an design that was made differently from the original or different idea. But over 4,000 Brewing Company competiting together with there design is a tough competition.

Reading 2: Jillian Tamaki on Idea generation
The strategy I like was Collect That Media because I attend to like some that might fit into my drawing or just to use for fun and draw it. So I attend to memorize it instead of taking a photo of it to save for later. So using collect that media helps me to photos that I like and save it for later use and try to draw it out or make my own in there style.