Project 4: Pre Finalized Sketches

Hi professor,

I created some pre finalized sketches ln what the final drawing will look like. I really really like the 3rd drawing I did where alice turns into a full on demon and lost her hunanity and shes eating the queen of hearts eyeball  and the scene in the background is the scene where the queen was playing croquet. But the playing courtyard is ruined by the queens body parts being scattered around. So I might finalize the 3rd drawing and make it look a lot better I hope yiu like it when I bring the other version on tuesday

One thought on “Project 4: Pre Finalized Sketches

  1. Nicole I like these sketches but so far you haven’t done what was asked for as the first stage of the assignment.



    and then THUMBNAILS of 4 different scenes in the story. 5 thumbnails per scene.

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