Be your own worst critic/Proposed working method

I found this tutorial of making one point perspective where this video shows the similar eye level that I am going to use for my parade scene. I also saw David Petersen who draw a book called Mouse Guard that has a fight scene between a mouse and an owl. I think these two are most important for my reference, since my placement in background and the the character perspective of where the viewer is looking.

I want to make my approach on using traditional and digitally on my final work. I am definitely want to use water color to make this background color was smeared rainbow or pastel color and just layer them in Photoshop to show fantasy. Including sparks and lights on the fighting scene, other then that I think doing it others in Photoshop it is comfortable for me working on.


My revised drawings:

I personally like Alice better then the Queen since it was difficult to draw. Since my proportion is off, I hope I can change them through photoshop. I also did what professor asked to put one point perspective and draw boxes so that I can just put characters in there. Since I think its better to do vertical for the parade, I am going to try applying that to the fight scene.


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