Hyejin Song_Project2

For this project I had to encourage and inform people, especially college students to vote for Election Day. At first, I focused on the out -of -pocket costs related to the Health Care issue ;so that, I read several articles of it. But, I decided to change my target audience: most of college students who have the first and last chance to experience the election. Then I got three concepts for them: steps, a stair and life plan, then I chose to go with floating stages which evoke images of steps. Between the college and the graduation stage, there would be the participation of the election which is their first experience. For the design, to make the student figure as the first focal point, I put intense pinkish red on it, and put tinted blue on the ballot paper to make it as the second focal point.

Article Link :

Process Book(PDF) : hyejin_project2-process-book

Final Work : hyejin-song_get-out-the-vote

My ePortfolio Link: https://openlab.citytech.cuny.edu/hsong-eportfolio/2016/11/01/hyejin-song_project2-process-book/

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