Week 9

Nov 3 | Week 9

Drawing Hands. & Drawing the Human Figure on Toned Paper considering Highlights and Shadows.

Work in Class:


  • WEEK 9 ASSIGNMENT : Pose Reference  – Series of Photos pose guide. Bring in next week use in Class (2 week project)  Hint: Feel free to use props etc. and Interact with the environment.
  • Buy Toned Paper for next weeks class and HW
  • WEEK 9 SKETCHBOOK – Sketchbook: GIVE US A HAND!  (Or two… or 20…  FILL 4 PAGES FULL of Hand studies! Try different angles, try different poses, try different KINDs of hands… baby hands, ladies hands, OLD hands… etc.
  • WEEK 9 READING – Loomis- on HANDS