Week 1 Self Portraiture through Objects

meet the artist

I usually like to let pictures speak for themselves but since we’re introducing ourselves, i’d like to give a brief interpretation. I’m 24 years old and i’m sure i speak for many of u when i say im feeling more lost, with each passing day :). Going through the motions but not really doing what I want to or knowing what to do… not really knowing how life works but that is ok because if we had life all figured out we’d be very unsatisfied and bored :). Nobody really knows whats going on and that’s great because it is beautiful mystery. In this sketch, I originally planned to do something fancy, color inside the lines, make it aesthetically pleasing. But instead i chose to embrace my mood and express exactly what im feeling at this very moment to my best ability without trying to hold back but at the same time make the text llegible for you. This sketch has become one of my favorites already just for the simple fact that it not only shows how messy, lost and moody i feel but it is also a beautiful mess and it’s free. a balance of imbalances. a lot of times i was just letting my charcoal move on the paper without thinking about what exactly i was gonna draw & it felt really liberating. Its Free of wanting to impress others with my drawing skills, free of shading inside every lines, free of rules, not everything in it makes sense because it doesn’t have to. P.S. the mermaid sleeping at the bottom is me. I’m a mermaid. Thank you.