COMD 1231 | Fall 2017 Figure Drawing

Friday, 12:00 – 3:20 PM

Course Overview

This advanced drawing course develops visual awareness of the human figure. Students will develop an understanding of the basic forms of the human body, how those forms are connected and move, and how to draw those forms proportionally. Students will also consider how the human form relates to the world around it, developing a clear understanding of how to create a composition containing proportional figures within a space according to perspective. Sensitivity to line, volume, light and shade is explored.

Communication designers use the concepts developed in this course in disciplines such as advertising, graphic design, illustration, broadcast design, animation and photography.

2 Credits, 4 Hours (1 lecture, 3 lab) COMD 1103, ENG 092R (ESOL 032R) and/or ENG 092W (ESOL 031W) as required.

To download a complete course syllabus please click COMD 1231_FA17.


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