Museum Reference by Sophia

I did not go to the field trip to metropolitan museum of art. So I found some reference on their website. Left is the reference photo from metropolitan museum of art, Circle of Jacques du Broeucq. Right is the reference photo from MOMA, Child’s Play by Dan Graham.


This is the idea that I got from the reference photo. I’d like to draw a baby (myself), aging but keeping the form of the baby, surrounded by the glass. I think it’d be interesting to put opposing time together; myself as a baby and myself in the future. At first, the reference photo from Metropolitan Museum inspired me to draw the baby and the adult separately but I figured it tells more story once I put them together. I picked the reference picture from MoMA, Child’s Play, because I feel like glass can have so many interesting meanings. Glass can make it seem like it’s protecting and shielding something, but so clear and transparent. There is a contradiction in that setting, just like my life is full of contradiction.