Welcome to Figure Drawing!

Our goal in this course will be to build on what you have learned in your Foundational Drawing Class and develop your ability to accurately render the Human Figure. You’ll learn the basic forms of the human body, their proportions, and how those forms are connected.

By the end of the course, (with lots of practice!) you’ll be able to draw a human form interacting with the world around it.  This skill is the gateway to so many visual art careers! After all, we are human an the stories we are usually most interested in are ones depicting other human beings!

On this site you will have access to materials presented in class, your weekly assignments, and additional helpful resources.

Here you will also post your Sketchbook to share with your classmates.  Carefully read the directions in the UPLOADING INSTRUCTIONS POST on how to post to this site and to your ePortfolio.

— Happy Drawing!

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