Portfolio 2

This was a portfolio assignment that basically describes my degree program and my value to the workplace as a result of having graduated from this program. I gave reasonable, clear reasons why each class builds the skills of the students and how it all continues to add up and the situations and work I’ve done as a result.

William Lopez

Communication & Design Graduates: Well-Rounded Designers

From the very beginning students in this major are exposed to color principles and foundation drawing and typography. These are three fundamental areas of design that help us focus and train as students regardless of our artistic background, if any. These are the gateway classes into multiple forms of artistry and design, with color principles and typography being the building blocks that lead to good design. From each of these courses I gained invaluable knowledge on how to compose type artistically and how to make use of colors in order to attract attention or direct the feeling of a piece. Each of these have successor courses that further build upon the tools gained during those prerequisites. Along with these classes there are a wide range of electives such as digital photography, illustration and storyboarding. At the end of your first two years along with having taking the obligatory communication design 1 and 2 courses which deal with formulating advertising campaigns and web design 1 which allows students to build a portfolio site with basic html5 and css3, you are allowed to choose which module you would like to dive into. Modules are basically specializations that you decide to focus on for your last two years.

Personally I want to graduate and begin working on publishing graphic novels but I’m currently in the web design module because everyone needs a coder or web designer nowadays. The industry is leaning heavily towards web especially in the mobile department with things like mobile website optimization and apps for just about any and everything. I’m naturally adept at advertising and researching, conceptualizing and strategizing effective campaigns but I dislike the stress that comes with it. Communication Design 2 simulated a real design space. I worked on mock-campaigns for clients such as Pret-a-Manger, Fiji Water and Bazooka Bubblegum which all involved multi-channel executions. The course included high demand for producing quality content with brutal deadlines. This has prepared me to work in an agency should the opportunity or need arise. If need be I can always pursue that and I also practice creative writing as a hobby; actively seeking ways to make the professional transition for my graphic novel pursuits. I’m also camera savy and consider myself a great photographer. I’ve had real world experience with outdoor photo shoots for upstart performers as well as my own personal nature photography. I would say I’m a great example of the successful potential the Communication Design program offers. A balanced education with the resources and knowledge needed to pursue whichever sub-field you’d like.

The secret to this degree program is that the department and all its professors equip us with the knowledge and real world insight necessary to continue evolving and molding ourselves into flexible designers that can accomplish a variety of tasks. Along with that, they also rely on us to meet them halfway and complete the work they assign as without practice, failure, and revisions there is no path to success.

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