Portfolio 5

For this assignment I was to write a feasibility report addressed to the correct personnel. My request in this short report was grandiose and in order to have a better chance at having it considered, a feasibility report was the best way to go. It basically offers a test run of the request to see its results and if its worth spending the higher budget on the full fledged project.

Dear City Tech President Mr. Russell Hotzler & Computing Information Services

As we all know, this is the college of technology and a bustling environment for creative and curious people both young and not so young. My major is Communication Design up on the 11th floor and we more often than not need internet access, but our mobile phones receive little to no signal. If we need a quick reference picture from Google while we free draw for a few minutes it isn’t possible. Sometimes we’re waiting for class to open and we need to check our email but our mobile devices once again cannot pick up signal. What I am proposing to you today is that we purchase wi-fi signal boosters for the 11th floor students.
A wi-fi booster is a network device that would have to be set up and configured to work with the already established network and there are various devices out there in the market. Cisco Linksys ea4500 ($150.00) would be an adequate solution based upon research and personal use. They are top of the line, reliable products that I have never had any issues with and they come with lots of security options and configurations to suit multiple needs or to tailor specifically to a certain need or operating condition. One device for each of the 13 or so classrooms on that floor would be a total cost just shy of $2000 for purchasing the devices. Factoring in human labor needed to set those up and we are looking at around $3 to 4k.
This would allow students to be able to use the network in a more efficient manner such as checking emails before class (especially some of the older students with freelance or executive jobs on the side) as well as looking up inspiration in certain classes that don’t have computers readily available such as the workshop room and the life drawing room. It’s important to note that those classes would not actually need a device and would need to feed off the network boost capabilities of a nearby class, further cementing the need for a quality product that can deliver through power, security and range. It would also allow professors to stay on top of any other business they may have by allowing them to check their emails as students work on their assignments.
Please consider this proposal, as I believe it would significantly help the students and professors efficiency, improve the college’s reputation and over all give a better experience to our design students. You can also look at it as a feasibility test; if this does end up dramatically improving the campus life of the 11th floor Namm building students and professors then it would be possible to extend this to other floors if the budget would allow it. Many people ridicule the college for its name and how it lacks a readily accessible online environment, and while it would be extremely expensive to re-modify an entire network this provides a temporary solution. This could also give us further insight to our student’s needs and their opinions. I hope you take this all into consideration. Thank you.

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