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The premise behind this good will letter is that mr. Hansan was my math teacher multiple times during high school and also my homeroom class advisor during senior year so we all became very close to him. In truth i did ask him for a recommendation letter once upon a time during my first year in college but these circumstances i voiced in this letter are purely fictional. I just wanted to spice things up. I made sure to use specific details on why his work was getting attention. I also made it clear that I was very grateful for the time he took to write a letter for a previous student of his in addition to praising his class.


Mr. Jeffry Hansan
Head Drama Teacher @ MLK Campus
89 Everstone Street
Brooklyn, NY 11289

Dear Mr. Hansan,

How’s it going Mr. Hansan? It’s been a while! That letter of recommendation you wrote has been catching everyone’s eye. The part where you speak about my acting exercise with Brad Pitt ensures there is always an interesting conversation brewing between folks conducting interviews and myself. Pitt being your childhood friend is always the part I reveal last after telling them of exercises you put us through to conquer our fears. Those exercises were actually amazing and helped us with our diction, posture and your methods of teaching us were always very effective. I learned a lot from your class.
I really appreciate the time you took out of your days to meet up and get this letter down right. You were the only one that could have written such an awesomely detailed letter about that acting program and all the progress I made through it. Thank you again!

William Lopez

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