Portfolio 3

For this assignment I had to write a negative message turning down work for a charity and explaining why I wouldnt be able to do so. Part of the assignment was learning how to break the bad news to the recipient as well as providing alternatives in the situation.

William Lopez
Lead Campaign Developer
300 Jay St. 11th floor ADGA Department
Brooklyn NY 11201

Tom Sears
Head Coordinator
American Cancer Society

P.O. Box 22718
Oklahoma City,
OK 73123-1718

Dear Mr. Sears

I’m always amazed by how passionate you are with humanitarian causes, and that’s why it’s with deep regret that I decline your offer to help develop the latest campaign for this year. We’ve been good pals for quite some time and you know how seriously I support this cause; especially after the devastating blow that was losing my grandmother to cancer a few years back. Unfortunately I’m bound to my contractual obligations at work as I’m already pushing 60 hours a week researching for a client we’ve signed up. The remaining time I use to sleep and tend to my families needs. Their well being and my time with them takes precedent over everything else; I’m sure you can understand that.
While I’m unable to help you this time, I can definitely refer you to some of my buddies who I’m sure can help you up to my standard or beyond. Ralph whom you met a few weeks ago over at Tidal Designs Inc. has an amazing work ethic with unparalleled dedication. Elisabeth, a promising intern at Huge Inc. has a ridiculous mind and I have no doubt this project could help put her on the map. If none of these work to your liking, I can still offer you my services but it would have to wait for at least a month. You know you can always get back to me and we can try to work something out.

Sincerely William Lopez