Inter-Professional Collaboration Experience at Bellevue Hospital 

  • Two cases, in which the patients were actors
  • First case: Teenage girl who had erosion due to bulimia
  • Second case: Adult male who complained of jaw pain
  • Medical history was reviewed before meeting the patient, there was a room in which the patient was waiting for the Dental Hygiene student as well as Radiology student and Nursing student. Once we got started, we asked the patient what was the reason for their visit that day, we tried to come up with a treatment plan together with the other students that was best for this patient. While all this occurred, there were doctors and professors behind a two way mirror observing the students.
  • Once all students had a chance to see a patient, students from all three departments learned from each other  as well as what the doctors and professors had to say.




bellevue pic 2