Welcome to my e-portfolio.

Here you will see my past experiences as well as what I’m currently doing. I was born in Ecuador and grew up in Brooklyn, NY. When i was finishing High School, I decided I wanted to focus in the science and health care field and at the same time, I’ve always liked to help people out, this is why I decided to be involved in the dental field and help people have a healthier smile.


The jobs I’ve had since graduating High School were in the jewelry business. I have been a diamond setter since the age of 18. I said to myself, Dental Hygiene would be a great career for me since I like to do work with my hands. 


For the past two years, Dental Hygiene has shown me a lot. I have learned how to interact with patients when it comes to education, professionalism as well as communication. Being in clinic three times a week, and having patients of different age groups gave me the ability to learn a lot from them. Everyday i go into clinic I’m excited to see who i will meet and the services i will provide them as a Dental Hygienist.