P.S 41 First Steps Program

We collaborated with P.S 41, a school in Brooklyn, NY.

We went there three times, the first time we went, we educatedScreenshot_2015-04-21-10-22-10-2

parents about oral health such as how  much tooth paste used

be used as well as when your child should have their first

dental visit. On the second visit, we educated the parents

on food choices that wont cause dental decay as well as

sugar free candy such as Dr. Johns. On the third and final

visit, we taught parents on what to do when your child

experiences dental trauma.






HeadStart Preschool Program 

We went as a class to a Preschool in Coney Island to teachIMG_20150501_101041

kids the importance of keeping their teeth healthy such as

visiting their dentist regularly and the importance of

brushing their teeth with their parents assistance.









We also applied Fluoride Varnish on Kids with their parents consent.