Journal Entry 10

Overall, my whole experience has been better than I expected. I didn’t realize that various designs that I would create would be shown and published on the magazine. I thought I would be doing very little work or maybe focusing on minor details. I am very grateful because my supervisor gave me a lot of freedom to be creative as well as work in various projects. He demonstrated a lot of trust in me and showed me many things I was not aware of, such as shortcuts and how files are packaged properly. This was a great internship, where I got to meet amazing hard-working individuals and I was in a very chill environment. There was a lot of positivity throughout the group and I had a great time conversing with them. I am satisfied with what I learned and all the pieces that I created that I will be able to use in my portfolio piece. What I find really important, is that I made new connections for my network-building. wall-street-office-space-26

Journal Entry 09

One thing that I wish I could accomplish in my internship is networking. I would have love to have met more individuals. Since it is already a small team, and everyone is so busy I barely get to communicate with others. Unfortunately, I haven’t attended any events or even talked to someone that I could consider a role model. Although, my supervisor has taught me a lot, I wish I was able to meet other designers and learn more from them. Furthermore, I am very excited for the opportunity that Haute Living has given me. My supervisor allows me to use all my work and lets me keep the magazines to show future clients and I am super grateful for this great start.


Journal Entry 08

In my internship I have a lot of experiences that I wish to share. There are times where I get started on a project and I have great difficulty trying to figure out what I can do to make this page look fresh and organized. I work really hard paying attention to every element and creating a layout that guides the reader. To establish this, sometimes I get really frustrated because I want it to be the best that I can do. There are times where I am stuck on an article for an hour. But what I have learned, is that sometimes you just got to start and play with your design, don’t commit to anything. Whenever I start feeling at ease and less overwhelmed I get better inspiration and my creativity starts coming naturally. I also sometimes take a breather and walk around the beautifully design workspace to just help clear my mind!



Journal Entry 07

In my internship for Haute Living, I am always learning new things. Such as, shortcuts. I learned how to use the keyboard to do things faster and I find it really great when I get to watch my supervisor work or even when he gets to show me how I can design the layout a bit differently so the composition of the magazine flows better. By using these shortcuts and these techniques, I am able to work in such a fast-paced manner and it really refreshes the way I see my designs. For me, the hard part maybe using the elements that keep the whole magazine consistent in a diverse and interesting way. I want all my designs to show an easy guide to read the article, as making people want to stop and look at the page just based on the attraction of its composition. The following attachment has an assignment, that I found really hard which I figured it out with thorough feedback and looking at other magazines for inspiration!


Journal Entry 06


I think my performance on the job shows that I am very dedicated with what I am doing. I enjoy designing, and I always want to be really creative in every assignment I get. I feel really motivated and excited with the idea. In result, I work really quickly and send out several versions of my work, which I feel comes out really well. There are times that I do get stuck and times I get frustrated because I put a lot of pressure on myself to always better what I just gave to my supervisor. In different projects, I feel differently. I love doing magazine layouts and making them look different but consistent. In the end, I am always proud of what I do because I know I’ve given 100% effort.



Journal Entry 05

In my internship, all of the design work is collaborative work with my supervisor. Our working process begins with information on my next project. He shows me some old designs that they have done for that specific feature and what the goal is. I then receive a packaged file which includes: fonts, images, and a word document. The document may include sidebar information, captions, and quotes. The last project I worked on was a Four Page Spread for the magazine’s Buzz Feature section. The headline was based on Napa Valley Film Festival. In this assignment, I worked on creating and appealing and organized layout. It was difficult since there was a lot of sections and images to include. This assignment took almost three hours to complete. Greg, my supervisor would approach me to see my progress and talk to me about my composition. I didn’t notice that my leading was to spread out. So, when I fixed it everything changed. Furthermore, Greg is constantly improving my layouts and giving me feedback. It came out really successful because I started pointing out my  mistakes and why it looked better to do the changes my supervisor asked for.



Journal Entry 04

Throughout my day at the Haute Living Magazine, I am usually working on a minimum of two projects daily. This depends on the day, on Wednesdays I usually work on one project since I have only 4-5 hours I can contribute there. The process starts with my supervisor sending me all the assets, which includes: images, copy, and examples of their issues regarding that specific content.  For one project, I send at least two or four versions of different layouts containing the same information. I begin placing elements such as pull quotes. I have freedom to be creative with the color palette and the layout, but I have to make sure I incorporate the topic with the magazine’s aesthetics.  My duties are aiding me to exercise on hierarchy and creating a renewed and organized composition.  It’s great that I get to be creative but I also get to learn and work on many important foundations in my workplace, such as correctly naming the files, packaging, and following guidelines. It is important that I am detailed-oriented but also have the ability to work in a fast-paced environment. For me, it is important to reach the needs of my supervisor. The major part in this process is communication, understanding what he wants but also not being afraid of asking all the questions I need to before working on the assignment. In regard to the industry I am learning various things. Whenever, at the end of the day or at the end of an assignment my supervisor opens up the file and helps me move things or tells me what to change. He sometimes shows me tricks on InDesign that I didn’t know. It’s really cool to watch someone work especially since you want to be at that level of confidence with your work.

Journal Entry 03


My internship is located at WeWork, a shared workspace community. I love the energy when I go there, it is really artistic, casual, and yet professional. I’ve noticed that there are a lot of young adults working there. The attire of the company that I work with is informal. I usually dress trendy casual when I am working.  There are many other companies that work in this space and they are divided into little glass offices. In a way, it’s a bit of a tight space but I am allowed to work in the refreshment area where I can listen to my music and feel like I am just at a café doing work. It is actually quite calming and lets my creativity process go quickly. I find this area also really cool, because others just go there to ease and read a magazine. Some go and play games just to wind down from stress or even have free refreshment. WeWork also have private phone booths, which allow an individual to have private phone calls without disturbing other workers. The work stations are mixed, they have cubicles, office, and open work areas. The typical employ workday for me is different since so many diverse individuals work there.  There is always someone taking a break, someone heading back to work. But, the whole environment is extremely comfortable.

Journal Entry 02


My role in this company is a Graphic Design Intern that works directly with Art Director, Greg Concha. I selected this internship because I was always interested in working in a Magazine. As I
continued my education as a Graphic Designer I was
inspired to have a strong grasp on layouts, colors, and typography. By flipping through a magazine, I would feel many emotions, based on the organizational composition, colors, and images from all the information that was given. For me, this internship is a great beginning to pursue my goals in the cimg_4925ommunication field. My process to look for an internship was incredibly nerve-racking.  Not only, did I have to look for an internship quickly, but one that I felt fit me best. I applied to many companies, but many of them did not reply back. The ones that did I immediately interviewed with them. For two of them, I did phone-interviews and one of them was a regular personal interview. In many of the interviews they asked me the same questions such as: Tell me about yourself? Explain further your resume and portfolio? Why do you want to work for us? I felt very comfortable within 10 minutes of the meeting because I really tried to show them how passionate I am about what I do and displayed a lot of excitement to work with them. For the phone interviews, it lasted at least 30-40 minutes each. Furthermore, the personal interview took longer, with a 15 minute waiting period and a 3 hour interview. The company is called Sircle Media and they also gave me three tests to work from home, and one to do in the actual interview. In a way, I believe it all worked out because I got the opportunity to do something I’ve always wanted to do: work with a magazine and learn their process.

Journal Entry 01


I am currently a Graphic Design Intern at Haute Living Magazine and working directly with Art Director, Greg Concha. This establishment is located in Wall Street at a WeWork workspace. Furthermore, this magazine was founded in 2004 and established in regions such as New York, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Dubai, London, Boston, and Dallas. They are a leading network of luxury lifestyle publications that target 700,000 readers per issue that are within the ages of 49 and over. They produce over 140,000 editions that are reaches the country’s most influential individuals. It’s not a typical magazine that is found on a newsstand but rather placed in 7,500 private jet flights monthly, more than 180 FBO private airports worldwide, and in the lobbies of 1,400 exclusive hotels. The private company has a high net worth of $25.2 million proving to be supreme by their competition for 4 years.