Haiti Relief Package- SADHA, Nov. 2016

SADHA in collaboration with another student organization packaged hundreds of bags with toothbrushes, tooth paste, floss, and mouth rinse to be sent to the people of Haiti who were hit with a catastrophic storm. I was grateful to be a part of the team and to help in any way I could!


Wellness Fair

April 6, 2016


As a dental hygienist, the biggest part of our job is to educate the patient and give them the best options for optimal dental health. We can assess the patient’s mouth and recognize a need for 3D printing. By using realistic and accurate 3D models of full arches and mouth, we can apply these tools as visual aids to the patient. We can improve the patient’s misalignment of the teeth, attrition issues, or bruxism by using the 3D printer to make quick and precise appliances personalized to their tooth anatomy. A 3D laser scan is also used as part of the 3D printing process, which can help the Dental Hygienist in digitally collecting data of the patient’s teeth and gingiva with precision and speed. The digital option will enhance how the Dental Hygienist can store the information and reproduce replicas. The possibilities of using 3D printing enables the Dental Hygienist to have more available solutions in treatment planning of the patient.


Toothbrush Sale– SADHA

November 2017

As part of the SADHA team, I was chosen to be the group’s artist. The job involved creating posters for the toothbrush sales and invitations to group events, in which I also attended. Here is a poster I made for the Semi- annual toothbrush sale.



Greater NY Dental Meeting “Crest + Oral-B”- Jacob Javits Convention Center

November 2017

Day 1

Day 2

I had the opportunity to work with Crest + Oral-B ® at the brushing station educating people about their new products. These products included their newest toothpaste called GUM Detoxify with their active ingredient being stannous fluoride and the Oral-B Genius Pro electric toothbrush with five effective settings. As people were sampling the electrical toothbrushes, I was able to interact with them and aid them in proper brushing techniques. This experience also allowed me to see the business marketing side of dental products.



Greater NY Dental Meeting “Give Kids a Smile”- Jacob Javits Convention Center

November 2017

Greater New York Dental Meeting 2017

Our City Tech group singing the remix of “Brush, Floss, Baby”

The class of 2018 collaborated with Colgate ® to spread oral health awareness to primary and secondary students. Our class of dental hygienists were responsible for different activity stations that offered basic screenings, taught proper brushing techniques at brushing stations, nutritional guidance using posters, and oral cavity education using puppets and games. My group had sang “Brush, Floss, Baby” as well as other songs to promote brushing and flossing. We also played games involving basic home care questions and answers. The tunes were so catchy, I still remember them to this day!


Volunteering for ADEX Clinical Boards- Spring 2017

I had a chance to assist the examiners at the 2017 ADEX Clinical Boards examination. My responsibility was to keep track of which examiner had been in each cubicle. The experience was insightful and I had blast getting to know everyone! Knowing the process, certainly calmed my fears when the time came to take my own clinical boards.


Donation event in partnership with Hungerford Public School- February  2018

At this event, the SADHA team put together care packages for the Hungerford Public School. The packages were given to parents of developmentally disabled children to help aid them in their oral health. It felt good to give to the community!


Ronald Edmunds Learning Center- “Give Kids a Smile” 

M.S. 113 Ronald Edmunds Learning Center

February 2018

This was an amazing opportunity to work with children with developmental disabilities. With the consent of parents, basic screenings were performed, as well as application of Sodium Fluoride Varnish 5%. Most of the children were non-verbal, but were expressive in their own way. I learned a lot about the different sensory related issues that children with Autism may have, which may prevent them from brushing. Likewise, dexterity may also be a difficult task. This taught me to be creative when finding alternative methods of oral care. The experience to be with these happy children was priceless!


Service Learning Project for Public Health

 Cooke Center Grammar School

March 2018

Cooke Center Grammar School

In front of the classroom preparing to meet with the children

Using our poster to play a nutrition game with the class


My classmates and I chose Cooke Center Grammar School to complete our community service project for Public Health. It was a great experience because we had to organize the whole event. First, we met with the head of the school to present our idea. After being approved, we had to become very creative in how we wanted to present our message for oral health. We were educating children with a broad spectrum of developmental disabilities; therefore, we wanted it to be simple yet effective using the “tell, show, do” method. Some activities included showing a video of “Geena the Giraffe’s Tremendous Tooth Adventure,” playing an interactive game using a poster to show good and bad dietary habits, and sitting in groups to demonstrate a proper brushing technique to all the surfaces of teeth. I felt like we truly connected with the children and made a positive impact in their lives!


Toothbrush Sale- SADHA

March 2018

The Semi-Annual Toothbrush sale to get people engaged in oral health and make a positive contribution!