Flushing Hospital Medical Center


I had a incredible opportunity being chosen for an internship at Flushing Hospital Medical Center, requiring 60 hours of clinical practice and observation among dentists, residents, dental assistants, translators, and receptionists. Given the chance to experience the daily fast-paced “team work” environment, solidified my passion for dental hygiene and helping others. Through the internship, I advanced my professional skills such as patient care, time management and applying my education to teach patients proper home care for their specific needs. The hospital is located in a lower social economic and diverse neighborhood where language barriers and cultural beliefs were challenging at times. I learned a lot about building relationships with the patients and how to interact with them during dental procedures. In addition to working with patients, I also learned a lot about different insurance plans and how the hospital manages the department and their budgeting.


Link to my weekly journals:  Weekly Journals

Link to my Internship Term Paper: Hospitals and Budgets


Some of the residents and dentists that I worked with at the dental clinic.

Using the Ultra-sonic during a prophylaxis

Taking radiographs.


Polishing with fine paste.


Below are some of the interesting cases I have encountered. I was able to observe the diagnosis and the treatment plans the dentists put together:


Peri-apical abscess on a previously restored tooth. Patient had no symptoms.

Decay found on terminal molar, planned extraction and a CAT scan for evaluation of possible  implant.

Peri-apical abscess on maxillary #7,8. Tooth #8 was assessed as necrotic, root canal is planned. Aesthetic restoration, done abroad.