Welcome to Type and Media, a typography foundation course. We work together to explore the principles of type design through online exercises, discussions, assignments and projects. Please take some time to explore this OpenLab course site. Use the top menu bar to explore the course information, activities, and help.

Course Information

Course Number: COMD1127
Section: D038
Course Title: Type and Media

COMD1127 is IN-PERSON Tuesday and Thursdays 6:00 to 8:30 pm P115

  • We will use OPEN LAB for class material
  • We will use Blackboard announcements
    and additional course material if necessary
  • All projects and assignments uploaded via:
    COMD1127 DROP BOX link

Faculty Information

Professor: Rick Redznak (preferred pronouns He/Him)

Student Hours: Tuesday 5:00- 6:00 and Wednesday 5:00- 6:00

COMD Advisement Site

Contact Information
Email: RRedznak@CityTech.Cuny.Edu

Course Activities

  • Projects – Three main projects supported by homework assignments
  • Homework Assignments – Various. These are stand alone assignments or assignment that support larger project.
  • Participation Activities
    • Type Challenges – Design assignments and discussions completed with time constraints during class or as specified.
    • Type Talk Discussions – Discussion, comments, critiques, opinions on type throughout the semester
    • Type Scavenger Hunt Activities – Students will look for various typographic topics principles, techniques, post image
    • others