Advice for future students

To all the future students who are planning to take HMGT 3502 I advise you to read and understand the topic that you are going to research about. Find a topic that you are interested in or else you are going to be struggling. I had many topics in mind but i wanted to challenge myself with a topic that i don’t really know much about and trust me i was struggling to find articles and understanding the topic. My problem was that i wasn’t taking this class seriously at first i found a bunch of article but did not read them and just threw them all onto my resources to fulfill his assignment. I advise the future students to not make the same mistake as i did because when it came to writing my paper all the sources i had under resources were all problems.

Make sure when you are looking for sources look for some problems and have some sources to support your solution. I mean its okay to just throw random sources into your resource because he requires 18 sources at the end and you must use at least 12 resources. When you need help with your research for sources, writing your paper or any of the assignments professor Shapiro will always be grateful to help you. All you need to do is reach out to him and setup an phone conversation with him. I also advise future students to not procrastinate because this course requires a lot of time to research. Also i advise students to take no more than five classes when taking research because you might not have time to work on your research due the amount of assignment that your other class will give out.

Another best advice is to follow the guide line that professor gives out. The guide line basically explains what needs to be in your paper. Make sure your paper flows along with your outline or at least similar to your outline. Overall this course isn’t bad at all. All you need to do is spend as much time as you can and when you are stuck… DON’T WAIT ! just text or email the professor.

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