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  1. Jackie Smart

    Like Professor Shapiro said you must put in the time to get good results .
    That statement is true in anything we do in this cycle called life.

  2. jacqueline scott-smart

    In life we must be productive. When we dont understand ask a question
    When you dont ask how do you know if you doing it correctly ? I feel we learn from each other and we are never to old to learn. Ask me at 52 I’m doing
    what I wasnt able to do earlier in my life because I started my family early
    it was more important to me to raise my three children and allow them to go to college. Since they all have degrees I have accomplished my mission and now its my time.

  3. Yatta Kamara/HMGT 3502-HE60-1152

    “Procrastination”–my advise to all students taking HMGT 3502, remove all forms of procrastination from your life completely. Each week the class has assignments that are due, or should be done pertaining to your research; make sure you do each one on time. Do not put off doing your work on a timely manner. I always found myself putting off typing my research paper, putting up the assigned work up on google doc and I told myself I will do it at a later time; because I was too busy with work, kids, and other class assignments. By the time I realized it, the dead line was near. Use your time effectively, and stay in control of your time, you will need it.

  4. Vital Eduardo

    Finding Information In The World Wide Web.

    1.- Choosing the right topic will make easier your research project. Choose a topic that interests you and gets your attention. Narrow topics will lead you to little information. Try to choose a topic that you believe you might be able to find enough data.

    2.-After you know what you going to write about, visit the school’s library and ask a librarian how to find books and information about your topic. You may visit the school’s library website for databases and online articles. Accessing to databases is free at any computer lab in school. However, if you want to use them at home, you will need your NYCCT bardcode located in your student ID. Please make sure your account is in good standing status and have no stops, otherwise you will not have access to the databases.

    3.-Once you have access, identify what databases you may want to use according to your topic and are of study. Hospitality and Tourism Complete (EBSCO) is a database example for hospitality management students. Remember to write as much key terms as possible to find articles. At this point, you may not want to discard whatever information you find; it may be helpful later on. Furthermore, save all the links for each reference you find, it will be more difficult to keep track of all your reference list in the future.

    4.-If you decide to search information outside school’s databases, you may choose search engines, such as Google. Remember not all information in Google comes from credible sources. If you want to find out if the information is credible or not, look at its URL that contains extensions, such as .edu, .gov, and .org. Keep in mind that finding good references have to be creditable, current, free of errors, and cites all its original sources.

    5.-Faculty members will prohibit wikipedia as reference. However, if you want to have an overview of your topic, you may take a look in the references listed at the bottom of the page. You might find useful sources from there.

    6.-Magazines, journals, newspapers, and encyclopedias are examples of creditable sources that you may find in the Internet as well. Bookmark or printout any information you want to use.

    7.-Based in all information that you found, you may start writing your thesis. Writing your thesis is another big step in case you are not accustomed to write papers. Your thesis should cover your entire paper and should be supported by evidence. If you have more questions about how to write a thesis, the online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University provides enough material for your paper.

  5. Nasiayah Lubin

    How to pick right topic…

    We’ve given insight on how stressful and terrifying writing this paper may be but to alleviate this you may want to know how to pick the “right” topic. In my opinion, this is based on a few important things. Ask yourself: Does this interest me? Is this something I can find a significant amount of research about? Can I stretch the information found to the required number of pages for this research paper?

    Answering these few questions will, without a doubt, allow you to narrow down the possible topics you may have in mind to write about. In the beginning you may think you may have arrived at the “right” topic but then realize that you cannot find sufficient amount of supportive detailed research about it. This happens to many students. The best advice, is to continue along your outline process and focus on a possible alteration of the thesis that will allow you to target much more insightful topic.

    Also, it is important to choose a topic of interest as it will keep you engaged in the writing process. chances are, if you do not find yourself interested in a topic, does not matter how much information you may find, it may become difficult to write about the topic. When you find yourself at a point of choosing the “right” topic… you will know. Your outline should reflect the amount of information you have found and your passion for the topic of your interest should speak volumes by the way you’re able to express your thoughts within the paper, with ease.

  6. Amanda

    There are many ways to research your hospitality topic. City Tech provides students with an online library, Ursula C. Schwerin Library, and databases like LexisNexis. Lexis Nexis, an online database, provides articles from different newspapers that go back to many years ago. On the website of Ursula C. Schwerin’s library, it provides a tab above where you can research books, articles, eBooks, and journals. Not only can you do your research from City Tech’s online library, but it also gives you an option to view other CUNY school’s online libraries. The Ursula C. Schwerin Library provides a research guide that has you choose the department you are researching in and then it will send you to a different webpage kind of like Wikipedia. It will tell you what online databases to go to that have articles and such to help with your research. Google is also a helpful tool when researching, but you have to be careful with certain websites. Some are blogs that other people have posted and the information is based on their own personal opinion. Be sure to not to use opinionated articles since the information given is not going to be accurate.

  7. Peter Joung

    This is survival guide for all of you who will take this course in the future. My classmates and I did not think that we needed to make this because everyone is somewhat good at writing and there is nothing difficult about writing 10 pages research paper. Yes, it is only 10 pages and you have a whole semester to work on it.
    OHH. There is minimum 12 references to be used when writing the paper, but again, it’s really nothing. Yeah. We all have a lot of time to write papers because tuition is so cheap, living in NYC is like living in Utopia, rent is cheap, MTA is so nice and never raised the fare while maintaining good service weekdays and weekends, and we don’t need full or part time job to support ourselves, plus, taking 4~6 classes is really not a problem.

    So this is how we survived this semester in 3502 (Peter)

    There is required textbook and few reading assignment in this course. However, professor has never asked class to bring book or has given quiz based on reading assignment. THAT DOES NOT MEAN YOU DON’T NEED THE BOOK. From my experience, you are helping yourself by doing the reading prior to the class. It gives you an idea how to organize paper. The book is very affordable. If you don’t want to buy it, find me on facebook and contact me. I have a PDF of it. (Peter Taewon Joung)

    If you are taking Prof. Shapiro’s section, submit the link to your work on blackboard as early as possible even if you have blank paper. Then, you can start filling up the papers with your work. Remember. You are only submitting the link to your paper, NOT the actual paper. Professor Shapiro has another job and he is part-time here at City Tech. Most likely, he will check your work after the due date. Take advantage of that few extra days (it’s allowed!). (Peter)

    1. Jackie Smart

      Like Peter said the class isnt hard. You just have to prepare yourself. Get involved early in the semester ask other students who have taken the class in the past. Find out who the Prof. will be teaching and start your research early. If you utilize your time wisely you will get easy A. Please write about something you love.

  8. Samantha Hernandez

    How to communicate with Professor Shapiro or ask questions…

    Writing a research paper can be terrifying. Students often isolate themselves and don’t ask questions for many reasons. Sorry to burst your bubble, but if you want to survive HMGT 3502 (Hospitality Management Research Seminar) you are definitely going to have to interact more with your peers and professor. One of the perks of having Professor Shapiro is that he is very flexible when it comes to his students. There are many ways Professor Shapiro can help you completing a successful paper. But of course you have to meet him halfway.

    Professor Shapiro LOVES Google docs and after this class you will too. Why is Google docs so special? We love Google docs, because it allows you to complete your paper after the due date. But wait, the best part of Google docs is Professor Shapiro’s virtual appointments! Scheduling a virtual appointment might be a little intimidating if you feel more comfortable with face to face conversations, but after 2 minutes you will be fine. The virtual appointments are usually about 30 minutes long. In those 30 minutes you can ask a million questions and receive a lot of feedback and suggestions on how you can fix your paper.

    There are many ways you can reach the professor, so don’t isolate yourself with a billion questions. Take advantage of the class hours and Professor Shapiro’s presence. ASK ASK ASK!!

  9. stephanie guevara

    Tips for succeeding in this course.

    This course isn’t simple. Simply put- You must put effort into your work. As students and adults or lives are a bit busy but we must take time out to concentrate on our work. This is true for every class we have. In this course especially you need to sit down and dedicate time to your work. You need to learn to research. Always ask questions. And time management is very important. You need to know when to do what in order to do a good job. You also need to follow Professor Shapiro’s instructions. If he says go to the library, he is saying it for a reason. Every advice he gives is to make you a better writer and student. He is very strict with his work, but trust me its for your own good. So in summary-For you to succeed in this course- ask questions, follow professor Shapiro’s instructions, manage your time properly, and do proper research. It will pay of In the end

  10. Brian Nayib

    A question that you have, may also be a question that someone else may be too afraid to ask. SO ASK! Prof. Shapiro makes it super easy to get in contact with him and he’ll sit down with you to answer anything that you may have a problem with. For example, his office hours were right before the class so it was really convenient to meet with him at his office to talk about where i was in the research paper process and what i had to do to catch up to the rest of the class. Any question, and almost any time he offers virtual meetings and you could also text him too if anything happens. Ask anyone, even if it’s not with him, ask an opinion from one of your classmates or friends after they read and understand your thesis problem statement and recommendation. Most of the time i was told to go to the Purdue Owl website because it was an APA formatting issue, so all you have to do on the site is look up the issue in the search bar and there should be something that. If not, just look for prof. Shapiro. GOOD LUCK!!

  11. Sukran Demirel

    First, decide the subject. But don’t think your first decision will stick around until the end. It will change its form many different times.
    Finding specific sources was the hardest part for me, because I was searching my subject on general platform, instead of specific subjects. When you do a general search, it requires a lot of reading to build a legitimate discussion. Scholarly articles, newspaper articles, government official pages, international organization official pages are all liable sources, and all we have to come up with 18 sources. But It becomes very confusing, tiring and definitely time consuming. For looking up sources is the easiest part with online searches that even City Tech Library that you can access online. But again, decide the subject very clearly and make narrow searches for what kind of information you need. Professor Shapiro is very keen on making outline first. Somehow it didn’t work for me. I wasn’t able to stick to my outline when I was writing my paper. Instead I end up keep changing outline to make relation to my paper.

  12. mj7

    Hey, so you plan on taking Research Seminar. Before you start this course, let me give you some tips. I promise it’ll help, trust me.

    Show up on time and be ready to learn!

    When it comes to a course like this, you want to show up early every time class is scheduled. You want to take notes on anything and almost everything that might be essential to help you when it comes to creating your paper. Missing a class can be a major setback. It’ll be challenging to catch up and troublesome. You’ll often find yourself emailing your professors and or colleagues in regards of the material you missed on the day you were absent.

    Follow Guidelines and reach out for help!

    When it comes to writing your paper, no matter what topic you choose, you want it to be great. Therefore, you will be required to follow guidelines and use credible sources. Utilize the databases that your college has provided for you. If you are stuck and or having issues with your paper, contact your professor. Making an appointment to be personally advised by a professional can be helpful. If your professor didn’t have time to help you in class, with that appointment, they will cater to you until you are capable to develop the ideal paper. Do not wait until later in the semester to ask for help or to fix it yourself, it will harm your grade.

    Hopefully these few tips can help you, good luck!

  13. Nclhdlg

    My advice would be how you go about finding your research in this course. Look at every possible source to get the information you need to prove your point. The library is very helpful as is Statista and Google scholar. Try not to get to caught up in research that doesn’t have to do with your topic. Briefly read through the abstracts and outlines of peer reviewed papers and pinpoint what about that paper is going to support whatever it is your topic is. Try not to get papers that are too caught up in being technical with big words and such as that can through you off from your focus. Make sure you narrow your search to being specific. Once you obtain the right information your paper will just flow since you have gathered all information on the points you want to make.

  14. Victoria Kitsos

    To Future Research Seminar Students,
    If you plan on taking this class there are some key points that I wish I would have been made aware of before entering this class, so this is my chance to take my experience and influence future students.

    First of all I would have liked to have been made aware some how that there are blog posts from pasts students about this class. These blog posts are about what past students experienced and for future students and what they should expect. Being made aware of this blog page I feel I would have been more prepared for this class, because it is not what you expect it would be.

    Secondly I would have liked for the Professor to have given us topics or at least more example papers as to what is suppose to go into our research paper. An outline would have been extremely help full. Also a check list for everything that is due and expected weekly also would have been very helpful.

    I also feel like the class is very confusing at times so make sure you ask plenty of questions and stay in touch with your professor.

  15. Ekaterine

    If you taking or will take research paper class in the future be aware that selecting a good topic may not be easy. Choose a topic that you are interested in and do not change it often. Make sure before selecting your topic you know what your final project should look like. Each professor will likely require a different format or style of research project. Make sure you taking notes from professor and ask questions. Write down any key words or concepts that may be of interest to you.

    If your topic is too broad, you will find too much information and not be able to focus. Narrow your topic to something manageable. You may wish to avoid topics such as, abortion, gun control, teen pregnancy, or suicide unless you feel you have a unique approach to the topic. Ask the librarian for ideas if you feel you are stuck or need additional guidance.

  16. CarissaSimeone

    This class is certainly a senior level class and a few key points that I would inform other students that need to take this course is time management and quality topic/resources. The topic of choice for my paper is very relevant with the times (strategies & tactics regarding environmental habits/choices amongst hotel guests), so I was able to find a lot of articles on the City Tech Library and several other databases.

    Time management is key. I failed to complete the first draft on time, and I understand that I will need to speed up the progress in my paper which I have! Professor Shapiro gives a lot of feedback. It can be a little hazy as to starting the paper. It was challenging for me to get the first few paragraphs started, and to stay organized in my writing, not just babbling. So definitely to make sure the paper is going to ‘flow’ is crucial. It is helpful to print out the outline you create the first few weeks in class, have a physical copy of the outline in front of you as your typing the paper to stay on track!

    I reread my paragraphs, made small changes, and using a thesaurus is helpful in order to enhance the language in the paper. Although we primarily work on the google document in this particular class, Microsoft Word document, when typing a paper provides suggested synonyms when you right click on the word (similar to what a thesaurus provides) which has helped me improve my vocabulary in a lot of my college papers!!

  17. renee kydd

    To Future Research Seminar Students,

    Although, this class is require for your degree, please take this class at your convenience. For one, this class is very time consuming if you have trouble with time management this course be a little difficult, e.g., if you are working full-time job and going to school full-time then you are going to be exhaust as I was juggling one full-time job, a part-time job and full-time student. I was ready to just pull my hair out.

    Secondly, I recommend you to find a topic that you are passion about and willing to put the time in because having to do research for 14 weeks on a boring topic is not fun. Within this course you will find yourself having to make multiple changes which would leave you confused and wondering what it the purpose of this course. Honestly, it’s not that bad once you do the following: ask a lot of question, take note and stay in touch with your professor as much as possible. It would make your semester little bit easier.

    Wish you all the best.

  18. Antonio Quezada

    To the future research seminar students. My suggestion to you is to find a topic you are passionate about that you can actually use in your future profession. Not only will if benefit your knowledge of a particular subject. It could open up new possibilities that weren’t available before. Being able to network with fellow students or even employers. Finding a common ground could get you a position at a job site you perhaps weren’t even going for.

    Another thing ‘Ill add is to avoid procrastinating. work on your project as much as you can even if it’s in small intervals. And also in the beginning of the semester take time to put your outline in order. It will be most helpful during the writing of your paper.
    best of luck~

  19. Annisa B

    To future Research Seminar students:

    There are so many factors within a semester that if not managed correctly will negatively impact your performance within this course. From my experience, time management is the most important factor; without the proper use of time, all other efforts to excel cannot be executed seamlessly.

    My first warning to you all is to remove any thoughts of completing work during lecture hours. It may sound unlikely and dramatic, but it is valid- acknowledge and accept that almost no work on your research paper will be done while in the presence of your classmates and professor. The lecture hours are spent going over what work you are expected to produce with no actual application. This is very important to take into account when assigning time to production.

    All of your work must be done outside of class. I am taking five courses and this is by far the most demanding workload. This brings me to my next point: do not take this course in addition to other heavy courses. This course requires an unforeseeable amount of time and should be taken at your convenience. I am a veteran full-time student and never encountered a time management struggle quite like this one.

    Take advantage of your time with Professor Shapiro! Asking questions during lecture and outside of class (via all of the platforms provided at the start of the semester) is a great time investment. Additionally, the best time to work on this paper is directly after you have the class. This way the information from the professor is still fresh in your brain yielding productivity. Also, Professor Shapiro usually stays behind for questions and assistance, making the half of an hour post lecture the best time to clarify any work that may be confusing to you.

    My final tip with regards to time management may seem obvious, yet in the midst of taking the course feels nearly impossible. Dedicate time to this course daily. Binge researching and writing once or twice a week sounds ideal and functional, but in actuality isn’t productive. Please dedicate at minimum one hour per day to the formation of your topic and extraction of your research and source selection.

    Speaking from experience and a current game of catch-up, manage your time wisely! Put in the hours and alleviate some of the inevitable stress that accompanies this course. I hope my testimony is insightful and I wish you all the best of luck!

    1. sherika grant

      Hi there,
      So you’ve found yourself in HGMT 3502 and it’s driving you bat shit crazy… well, don’t fear because I’ve unlocked the solution! What’s the solution you may ask? Communicate, communicate and communicate some more! We live in a society where communication is key. We’re always on the phone texting or talking with someone, well, why not make the professor one of those persons you text or call.

      The idea of talking to or texting one of your professor’s can be dreadful or downright loony but think of the greater good that may come of it. Personally, I was born and raised on an island (Jamaica) where having the teacher’s phone number is a treasured commodity, meaning it’s not easily given out to every student who needed help but it was given to the most liked students who needed help. Teachers are always placing a barrier between themselves and the student for whatever reasons, but not Professor Shapiro aka Harry Hawk (the Hamburger Connoisseur).

      Professor Shapiro makes it easy for his easy students to instant contact to him whether by text( prefered) a scheduled phone call or a virtual online appointment through Google Docs. One thing I would strongly recommend is that you make the time and effort to communicate with him. Please don’t call and have absolutely nothing to share and talk about (even though he will coach you through the paper to make suggestions).

      Being honest and transparent about your confusion for the paper is completely normal and valid because I was definitely confused for the first 2 weeks of the paper. But that is a good thing because it opens up the line of communication between master and grasshopper (teacher/student). This will definitely give you that added push to talk or text the professor for help.

      Finally, even though the opportunity to communicate with the professor freel, please do not be abusive and take advantage by calling odd hours, not making the corrections and having a complete disregard for each others time. Take the advice, suggestion and/ or critic and put it to good use. Think about it, what damage can it do besides giving you an awesome grade at the end. So chin up, settle down, put in the work and the time and don’t forget to communicate!

  20. Treshawwna Knight (Trish)

    To future research seminar students:

    Whenever you first decide on your topic ask for your professor’s opinion to make sure the topic is something tat is lasting and can make a great paper. There is always room for change in the beginning because before you know it time flies and then you are out of luck.

    When the professor demonstrates something, always take notes so you can apply it to your paper, that is one of they key ingredients to writing a successful paper.

    Do not depend on lecture classes to write your paper, take that time out to listen keenly to what the professor as to say and it will help you in the long run. Always communicate with your professor so he/she can assist you with writing a well written paper.

    Also do not procrastinate nor over thing when writing your paper, it only makes it worst and you might have to cram your work.

    Last but not least Include some of your personal experiences in your paper in regards to your topic, it does not make the paper seem more generic or like an informational paper.

  21. derrickwhitsett

    To future students taking Research seminar, try not to take more than 3 courses while taking this one. If you don’t learn how to prioritize your time, you will find yourself falling behind quickly. Research seminar is exactly that; a course requiring you to RESEARCH a plethora of different things for the industry you plan to work in. It’s ideally a great course, but again you must remember you will be writing and following strict format guidelines (APA). No exceptions.

    YOU as a student can make or break your college experience. Ask questions and do not be afraid to ask your Professor to give examples. If you’re into the course material, it shows and sometimes the Professors will reach out to you. BUT only if you show interest. otherwise you’re simply another student wasting time.

  22. Kevin Yu

    To Future Research Seminar Students:

    Before you take this senior level class, please know that time management is one of the key factors in order to pass this class. One, this class is an intensive writing course. Second, if you’re a full time student and have a full time job as well, you will need to find at least 2 hours everyday to do the required work for each week. Don’t do everything at the last second because you will fall behind on your work and it will be difficult to catch up. Also, it is advised to not take this class with other work or writing intensive classes.

    When you pick a topic; pick one you are comfortable writing about. You don’t want to change your topic too much. Procrastination is a bad habit we all have. If you have any issues or have come to a standstill in your paper’s progress, take advantage of the resources available such as emailing or texting Professor Shapiro. He is available for questions after class for clarification.

  23. Sue

    To future students taking HMGT 3502 with Professor Shapio-

    In Professor’s Shapiro’s, you consistently have to stay on track. Without following or putting in the work for every week, you will get stuck behind. Consistency is essential to do well in the class. Especially with other classes you may or may not being attending being organized I would say is success. From the beginning it seems as if everything was going with the flow but there is so much work that you have to put in by the time you are in the mid and the ending of the semester. One tip I would give all of you- is that you can not be lazy. It might be late at night or early in the morning but finish the assigned work and what you have to do before doing anything else. Overall, as long as you stay on track and get the work completed in a timely manner you will do perfectly fine in the class.

    Best of luck!

  24. Donna Liu

    To future students taking HMGT 3502 with Professor Shapiro

    Time management, effort and communication is probably what is going to get you an A. You have to put time into this paper, because if you don’t, somewhere along the lines you’re going to fall behind and once you fall behind, it’s a lot harder to catch up. Effort is definitely needed, because this paper needs certain information and certain sources to make it complete. You have to put in a lot of effort. And last, communication is very important. Communicating with the professor about your paper is going to help a lot. As long as you stay on track with these three things, you’ll be alright.

  25. Hope Gozo

    If I could give the next writer a piece of advice, it would be to create a outline that you WANT to look at. I know that some of us are free-handed writer; The kind of writers who get an idea and and just write like the wind, but sometime an outline may be mandatory for just the best options for that particular paper. So my advice to you would be to make that outline something that you’re PROUD to look at because trust me if you want to look at it then there’s a better chance of you sticking to it. Making an outline that make YOU proud is subjective to YOU. In my case I was proud if the beautifully color coating outline that I created. The colors were bring and worked well together, which gave me a reason to want to keep looking at it; Which encouraged me to follow the well thought out plan for my paper.

  26. Kendijahg

    To Future Students:

    Managing all that you have to do is going to be what will get you through research seminar. You may be juggling a very heavy work load with 6 classes and two jobs as me , myself was doing. Use a calendar and keep track of when assignments are do. This project is something that you have to put time into. Putting time into this whether it be on the train or you just start jotting down notes randomly the time you put into this reflects in your work. You have to find that balance of work and school and when things can get done. You also cannot be afraid to speak up and ask for help. Our professors are here to help us succeed so you have to speak up because it only benefits you in the end. Being that this is also a hybrid class meeting your online requirements will also affect your grade. I had the problem with my laptop being broken and I wrote instead of going online, and I never communicated that to Professor Shapiro till it was to late. So communication is also key. We have nothing to lose by communicating it just helps us find ways to polish our grades. Stay focus ; pick a topic you are passionate about that will really make you want to do the work cause something your passionate about will help you be more focus and willing to do the work


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