Who is BkMSCC?

Today I spoke with Latywonna Thornton, my board member who is a Co-Founder of Brooklyn Multi-Service Community Center Corp and founder of TKG. She was a teacher of the East New York community and is a parent of a growing child in Ocean Hill. I asked her a few questions about her current initiatives.

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1. Who are What is BkMSCC?
BKMSCC is a tax exempt 501C3 organization that provides multi-cultural arts, after school programs, summer enrichment, business development, senior citizen services and more to different communities in Brooklyn.

2. What are your goals?
My goals are to help improve the quality in the lives of many community members by offering transporting services to the seniors and children from events, workshops, showcases, seminars, and fundraisers. To also assist people through workshops preparing for job readiness, financial budgeting, social responsibilities, health awareness, environmental cleanliness, and foster togetherness.

3. What is your main focus?
My main focus is to help the organization grow and enhance the lives of community members by creating services and more opportunities for advancement at the Brooklyn Multi-Service Center Corp.

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4. If you can do anything in the world what would you do?
If I could do anything in the world right now I would put a stop to world hunger and homelessness.

5.What community do you service?
I service Brownsville, East New York, And Bushwicka young woman standing by a table covered in non-perishable food

6. I know you are the founded of TKG, an organization with close relations with BKMSCC. Can you tell me about that and their efforts.
Thornton-Kilpatrick & Gold Transportation also known as TKG is a prestigious white glove commuter service that works closely with BKMSCC. TKG’s mission is to provide safe and exceptional door to door transportation for senior citizens, adults and children. It is with honor that we serve our members and customers with high quality satisfaction and commitment. We also offer a prevention of community deterioration program for environmental cleanliness.

7. What events do you have coming up?
Some of our upcoming events this year include August 27th “Back to School Drive, September 10th “Film Screening”, October 15th “How to start a Business”, November 10th”Financial Workshop”.

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8. Where can we find you on social media. You can find us by visiting www.bkmscc.org or Facebook @BkMSCC Instagram & Twitter @BrooklynMSCC. TKG Transportation is on Facebook as well.

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