the words "Just keep blogging..." in black letters, four times

One of the hardest things about blogging is to keep your blogs going without burning out. We all get busy and weary at times and it can begin to wear us down. The key to blogging is longevity and showing up with content is the challenge. But it’s often like hitting a wall. Maybe your blogs are becoming mundane and you feel that you have no more to say. So why should you bother blogging?

The answer is because there is so much to gain and there is a return on investment. Consider expanding on your ideas and taking them in a new direction. My motivation is to keep things exciting and think of new ways to express myself. This is something I have decided to do with my blogs and it has brought about a whole new level of excitement for me. Don’t try to go it alone; there are so many resources and collaboration that we can utilize.

So how do we continue to encourage ourselves to show up? Just like anything else, if we try, we can keep going.

And don’t worry if your blog is short. Just as long as you keep writing, there will be a return on investment.

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