The Home Stretch!

Hey NYCCT! Genny here and man oh man it’s that time of year again… FINALS! I know you’re all stressed and I know you’re all anxious but you just need to remember, take a deep breath and keep track of yourself. Don’t drown yourself in paperwork and negative thoughts. Remember that you’re strong and you’re intelligent, if you studied for the exam then you know the material, don’t sell yourself short and most importantly don’t over-study meaning doing continue studying until 3 when the exam is the next morning at 8, it’ll shut you down. For Communication Design students, although we don’t get much exams we do get final projects so I want to remind all of you to get your projects done, package and PDF them and most importantly, remember to keep your flash drive somewhere safe! For posters I recommend you go to Remsen Graphics 3 17×11 posters are $7.50, not bad right??

On a better note, I’d like to remind you all in this crucial moment that your health matters. Be mindful and keep yourself relaxed, go on a nature walk, I often find that when I’m anxious I run off to Dumbo or to The Brooklyn Promenade. At this time of year you can even go to Central Park or 42nd st Grand Central if you’re a city person and that’s where you find your inner zen. Me personally, I like to look at the flowers and admire the popping colors we were given to by nature herself. This is a moment to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, remind yourself that a test grade or project grade does not define you, remember to smell the flowers and just simply live, don’t let the consuming thoughts of final drown you over. I would like to wish everyone the best of luck on all upcoming final exams/projects, you got this!

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