The Golden Arches

a mcdonald's sign with the famous golden arches

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Our world has been taken over by technology and its constant improvisation that allows us to become more tech savvy and heavily rely on in order to simply get through the day. With a world of technology that is readily available to us on the daily basis such as cellphones, televisions, computers, laptops, and tablets; it makes it difficult to disconnect from the technically advanced world. The easy accessibility of a cellphone allows us to easily get distracted from the world around us. And social media platforms only make this more difficult as it becomes an aspect of sharing our everyday lives with others on a public forum. With the help of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram; it forces life to become this competition of trying trendy things or the number of friends that one has as well as having the most exciting life with many other people who are readily interested in the activities that you partake in on the daily basis.

One of the most iconic fast food restaurants has created many innovative ideas over the years. This restaurant has received such a bad reputation over the years in terms of their decline in the quality of their food as well as the unfairness of the wages being earned by their employees. But this particular franchise that is reknownly recognized by their famous golden arches have made many improvements in each of their restaurants and the protests that their employees made for higher wages for fast food workers paved a way for higher wages for other fast food restaurants. McDonalds has been so helpful in providing many job opportunities as well as being involved in charitable causes such as the Ronald McDonald House Charities which allows extremely affordable housing and lodging for a temporary period of time for the benefit of families while their child battles cancer.

phone carrying lockers

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Although, McDonalds is viewed similarly all over the world, the franchise varies from country to country. The franchise of McDonalds in France specifically has a more café-styled restaurant as they sell a variety of prepared coffee raging from lattes to iced frappuccinos and other snack foods such as scones or macarons. McDonalds in Singapore are now trialing a new way of providing a place to eat while having quality time with family of other loved ones during the meal. It has a distraction-free zone in which you can relinquish your cellular device and receive a locker to lock your phone away while you eat. This will allow you to eat your meal with the distractions that using your cellphone usually brings. Simple things like just checking the time can lead to taking pictures of your food, texting a friend, or checking social media updates instead of alternatively just thoroughly enjoying your food without the choice of multitasking.

Comment below on your thoughts and if you think that this would be a great idea for American restaurants.

3 thoughts on “The Golden Arches

  1. Fast food restaurants period are sooo different in other places. My cousin recently honeymooned in Greece and ate like pita sandwiches, etc and in Florida they have like rice and ribs lol. It’ so interesting.

    • That’s definitely true…fast food restaurants can vary tremendously from country to country but I find that some have some interesting food ideas and design concepts that can readily be implemented in America.

  2. I agree that it seems fast food restaurants have a lot of variations just going from state to state, let alone country to country. The cell-phone locker is a brilliant idea which would be great to bring here; I’ve been both the annoyed friend watching someone ogle their phone at the table, and the guilty one resorting to my phone rather than making conversation during moments of idleness and silence.
    Another idea just off the top of my head, some of these places can bring games back again, so that you don’t have to go all the way to Dave and Buster’s or a bowling alley to get the eat-and-play experience. These could be arcade style games or even board games that would be checked in and out.

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